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The group continues to supply power to around 100 million people around the world

Iberdrola is reinforcing its support plan during the COVID-19 crisis with a free emergency electricity service for its two million elderly customers

  • In addition, it has set up a telephone channel exclusively for this group of customers
  • The company launched the flexible payment option for its more than 10 million customers which includes households, self-employed and SMEs in the open and regulated market weeks ago

Iberdrola is reinforcing its customer support plan activated weeks ago to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis with a free emergency electricity service for its two million customers in Spain over 65 years of age. The company continues to guarantee energy to nearly 100 million people worldwide in countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Italy and France.

With this initiative, the most vulnerable group in this situation will be covered by an emergency service throughout the duration of the State of Alarm that will solve any problem related to the lack of electricity supply in the home, covering both the travel costs of the technician, as well as the labour cost. Iberdrola has an extensive network of installation technicians in all the autonomous communities, who will follow a strict health and safety protocol for the provision of this service.

This measure also includes the implementation of a telephone channel exclusively for this group of customers.

This free emergency electricity service joins the support plan launched by the company weeks ago to facilitate the payment of electricity, gas and other energy services bills by its more than 10 million customers in Spain including households, the self-employed and SMEs. In this way, for all customers with payment difficulties and who request it, the company makes payments more flexible by splitting bills into up to 12 months at no cost, both in the open and regulated markets.

Iberdrola, which had already suspended supply cuts before the State of Alarm and has applied this measure in all the countries where it operates commercially, has completed its aid actions during the COVID-19 crisis with an Advisory Plan so that its customers can adjust their contract and pay less on their electricity bill.

It has also reinforced digital and telephone channels to ensure customer service and advice to its customers during the health crisis.

Supply guarantee

These activities are part of the overall plan launched by the company against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Iberdrola, as a company that provides an essential service to society, has implemented a series of measures at all its headquarters (offices, transformer facilities, power plants and customer support centres). The measures are additional and specific to ensure supply and continuity of service.

The measures include extraordinary protocols for critical business groups and mobility and temporary relocation contingency plans for workers at essential facilities and functions for electricity generation, distribution and supply to customers.

It also keeps a special plan activated to reinforce the energy supply to the country’s hospitals and respond to the needs of facilities such as hotels and public and private spaces that are housing field or temporary hospitals.

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