We are continuing our operations for the benefit of our Stakeholders

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Iberdrola group is continuing its operations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, thus fulfilling its commitments to its Stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, and society in general. Since the pandemic started the company has launched a comprehensive action plan to ensure continuity and quality of supply, as well as to protect the health and safety of people in the different countries in which it operates.

Iberdrola has placed all of its Stakeholders at the heart its crisis management [PDF]. The group's action protocols for COVID-19 were the first to be certified by AENOR worldwide and the incidence rate of the disease among employees is much lower than average in the countries in which Iberdrola operates. In continental Europe, the company's professionals are already working at its offices, while in the other countries progress is being made towards drafting reintegration plans in accordance with current regulations.

In terms of suppliers, Iberdrola has made purchases worth 14 billion euros in the Fiscal year 2020, highlighting a supply chain that generates 400,000 jobs worldwide, which will be around 500,000 in 2025.

Shareholders, for their part, have been paid 0.40 euros per share for 2019 after the launch of the new Iberdrola Retribución Flexible program, with which they will receive 0.232 euros gross per share as a supplementary dividend.

Iberdrola group activated its global action plan to fight the pandemic from the first moments the threat was perceived. The company, which proudly supplies power to more than 100 million people, has implemented more than 150 measures around the world to ensure energy reaches every customer in every region, as well as bolster the service it provides to hospitals, healthcare centres and other essential infrastructure. In addition, in coordination with the authorities, Iberdrola donated 30 million euros in health and prevention equipment.


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  • sub AWARD TO EMPLOYEES IN IBERO-AMERICA Employee Awards in Ibero America.

    Recognised for our response to the pandemic

    Iberdrola is one of the finalists in the 11th Employee Awards in Ibero-America in the new Coronavirus category for our responsible response to the COVID-19 category. The Electricians School by Neoenergia won the Large Companies category, and the Luces de esperanza (Lights of hope) project by Iberdrola Mexico, was a finalist.

  • sub AENOR CERTIFICATION AENOR certification.

    First company to achieve AENOR certification for its protocol for dealing with COVID-19 at the global level

    After becoming the first Ibex 35 listed multinational to achieve this recognition last June, the certification has now been extended to all its global affiliates: Iberdrola España, ScottishPower, Avangrid, Neoenergia, Iberdrola México and Iberdrola Energía Internacional.


    The first Ibex-35 multinational to have AENOR certification

    Iberdrola has become the first multinational company in the IBEX 35 to obtain AENOR COVID-19 Protocol certification, meeting the legal requirements of the competent authorities and following the top recommendations and guidelines for the sector.

  • sub SHAPES Shapes.

    The city and the virus

    The world's economy, society and environment will be different after the pandemic. Sociologist Saskia Sassen gives her take on how our lives will change.

  • sub THE WORK OF OUR PROFESSIONALS Iberdrola workers.

    Our professionals, making a difference during the pandemic

    Iberdrola group's employees are working harder than ever to continue supplying energy, showing their solidarity while keeping employees and customers safe. We take a look at some of the professionals that have made it possible.

  • sub VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola.

    The World Economic Forum discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the energy sector

    Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán was the only Spanish attendee of the virtual roundtable organised by the World Economic Forum to discuss how the recovery plans could contribute to creating employment, boosting economies and making energy systems more modern, resilient and cleaner.

  • sub TOWARDS RECOVERY Iberdrola tower.

    Priorities to help the global economy recover

    The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) has defined seven priorities to help the economy recover while helping to make society healthier, more resilient and climate neutral. The letter has been signed by 40 members [PDF], which include public institutions, companies (Iberdrola is the only Spanish one), NGOs, think-tanks and alliances for the climate, industries, oil and gas companies, etc.


    We protect our workers

    In conjunction with the Presentation of its First Quarter 2020 Results, Iberdrola has announced its Comprehensive Plan to ensure worker safety and customer supply.


    Wind energy powers Europe today and tomorrow

    These difficult times have not stopped the wind from blowing and generating electricity. This video by WindEurope — the European wind energy association — pays tribute to the industry we all work for.

  • sub GREEN RECOVERY Irena.

    Green recovery essential for the world

    "A green recovery is essential as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. The world will benefit economically, environmentally and socially by focusing on clean energy". This is what Iberdrola chairman, Ignacio Galán, had to say on the first major report on the future of energy launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This was collected by Forbes, The Guardian and The i Paper.


    "We defend companies' social content"

    Iberdrola's chairman, Ignacio Galán, took part in a program on Atresmedia to thank workers involved in the fight against COVID-19 and to talk about the more than 100 measures carried out by the company to beat the crisis.

  • sub A GREEN EXIT FROM THE CORONAVIRUS European Alliance for a Green Recovery

    European Alliance for a Green Recovery

    Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán has joined another 180 business leaders, political representatives, unions, NGOs and think-tanks in this call to the European Union [PDF] to implement solutions that will prepare our economies for the post-pandemic situation without abandoning the Green Deal.

  • sub ORDERS WITH SUPPLIERS Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola.

    In March, Iberdrola placed orders with suppliers worth 2.9 bn euros in the COVID-19 crisis

    Iberdrola has placed orders for almost 4 bn euros during the first quarter of the year with more than 10,000 suppliers around the world, double the amount in the same period of 2019. These orders will help to keep industry moving and hundreds of thousands of people in work. Specifically, the purchases made during the quarter are the equivalent of preserving around 700 direct and indirect full-time jobs.

  • sub GREEN BONDS Green bonds.

    First company to issue green bonds during the COVID-19 crisis

    Iberdrola has become the first Spanish company to issue green bonds during the COVID-19 crisis, for the sum of €750 million and with a maturity in excess of 5 years. In line with the group's strategy, the funds obtained will be earmarked for new renewable facilities, the development and operation of which will help to restore economic activity and maintain employment.

  • sub GLOBAL ACCESS TO SANITARY SUPPLIES Global access to sanitary supplies.

    Iberdrola donates €22 million in medical supply

    Iberdrola has closed an initial purchase of essential healthcare supplies in China, valued at €22.1 million, which will be delivered to the government upon its arrival in Spain, scheduled for the first half of April. Specifically, the company has acquired 450 ventilators, 4.6 million masks, 120,000 protective coveralls and 20,000 pairs of protective eyewear by signing four major contracts with Chinese companies.

  • sub PROTECT PEOPLE AND EMPLOYMENT Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola.

    "Now more than ever companies must prove our ability to contribute to society"

    In an op-ed published in Abc newspaper, Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán reiterateS the company's commitment to society in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. A commitment that materializes in two aspects: protecting people and safeguarding jobs.


We donate 50 respirators.

We donate 50 respirators to continue to battle against COVID-19

We provided the Spanish army with 50 respirators to be used in hospitals classed as priority centres by the healthcare authorities.
Silver Social Medal.

Silver Social Medal from the Ministry of the Interior for our collaboration during the pandemic

Iberdrola España has received the Silver Social Medal for its collaboration with Spanish prisons during the State of Alarm.

New learning opportunities for children and families

We have presented an amusing and attractive way to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to Children's University Scotland and ScottishPower.
Business plan.

Our RIIO-T2 business plan and responding to COVID-19

Little did we know in 2019 when we published our Business Plan for SP Transmission - which covers how we will operate from 2021 to 2026 - that there was a pandemic just around the corner, and one as life-changing as COVID-19.
Customer service.

Uninterrupted customer service

Avangrid is providing uninterrupted customer service during the pandemic while following health and work-from-home protocols.

We are donating 500,000 dollars to help society recover from the coronavirus

Avangrid Renewables is donating $500,000 in corporate funds to over 30 local medical care and nutritional organisations.

We are delivering 700 scientific refrigerators for storing vaccines

At Neoenergia we are committed to stopping the pandemic. This is why we have begun the distribution of 700 scientific refrigerators to be used for storing vaccines.

50 ventilators for public hospitals from BrasilDonamos

Brazil's public health system has been strengthened with the donation of 50 ventilators for the purpose of helping treat patients with respiratory diseases.
Thanks, heroes.

We support the heroes fighting COVID-19

Iberdrola recognises the work done by the doctors whose efforts and dedication have made them our heroes and heroines in recent months.

Awards for 'Responsible Industry' and 'Ethics and Values in Industry'

Our work to fight COVID-19 was recognised during the with the Responsible Industry award and the Ethic and Values in Industry award granted by CONCAMIN and its Foundation.

Discover the other measures put in place in Mexico




Iberdrola has released an action plan [PDF] to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on its customers. Through it, the company guarantees the continuity of the energy supply in the country, reinforcing digital channels to serve customers and implementing a series of measures to make it easier for households to pay bills. Specifically, it is allowing its residential customers to pay in instalments over 12 months without additional surcharges and extend the payment period for bills issued in March and April for a period of 90 days.


Iberdrola has implemented a special plan to support its customers during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the health and safety of its workers. The company will give its residential and professional customers the possibility of paying invoices in various instalments and at no additional cost. The plan also ensures the supply of energy, especially for the emergency services, implements teleworking for all its employees and encourages digital and telephone customer service channels.


With the aim of supporting families and small and medium-sized companies, Iberdrola has decided not to apply interest to customers who have unpaid or overdue bills and it will allow the payment of overdue bills to be divided into a maximum of 12 instalments.



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Find out how we coordinated the delivery of 80 tons of equipment

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