Meet the professionals from Iberdrola who are standing up against COVID-19

The work of thousands of professionals from Iberdrola group is proving essential to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we can supply the power needed to keep critical infrastructures running, ensure job continuity and support health services. The Cadena SER radio station and El País newspaper have has decided to acknowledge the importance of their work through two initiatives: Extraordinary People and With Them, giving everyone the chance to meet the professionals who are giving their all at this difficult time.


    Find out how we coordinated the delivery of 80 tons of equipment

    General Services has, in coordination with the authorities, been responsible for delivering more than 80 tons of medical equipment to hospitals, the police and the postal service. Karina Jaczko, head of property and building management at Iberdrola, was invited to La Ventana to tell host Carlos Francino how it was all managed.


    Eduardo García Anton, manager at the Valdeporres wind farm

    The Valdeporres wind farm (Burgos) is, along with the Cañoneras wind farm (Cantabria), Iberdrola's most isolated and highest mountain wind installation in Spain and it experiences extreme weather conditions. Eduardo García Anton tells us how he is able to ensure the generation of renewable energy in the middle of this pandemic.


    Natalia Galán, Head of Critical Infrastructure

    Our safety team has managed, in coordination with the Ministries of the Interior, Health and Defence, all the shipments of medical equipment from China, while having to comply with all the safety restrictions. All this, combined with its work to manage the safety of the company's critical infrastructure.


    Tâmega adapts to the new circumstances

    The Tâmega Project's environmental head, Sara Hoya, talks to Carles Francino on La Ventana about Iberdrola's huge efforts on the Tâmega — Iberdrola's most important project in the sector at European level — to retain jobs and at the same time promote employee safety.

  • sub WITH THEM - IGNACIO RAMIRO Ignacio Ramiro.

    Getting a million masks in a collapsed market

    With Chinese customs at a standstill, Iberdrola managed to procure 80 tonnes of sanitary material for Spanish hospitals thanks to the experience of its purchasing team led by Ignacio Ramiro.

  • sub WITH THEM - ESTHER BAYO Esther Bayo.

    A pioneer at 78 m

    She was the only woman in her class and, indeed, the only one among the three finalists seeking to do work experience at Iberdrola. Her success in doing so saw her become, in December 2005, the first woman in Europe to work at a wind farm. She now works on maintaining the 104 wind turbines at Maranchón wind farm (Guadalajara).

  • sub WITH THEM - JUAN JOSÉ TOMÁS Juan José Tomás.

    Life between storms and pandemics

    Two cold spells and the coronavirus crisis, all in the space of a few months, have posed a real challenge for Iberdrola workers on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Juan José Tomás, a maintenance technician on the Iberdrola networks, is one of those who has stepped up to these challenges.


    Ignacio Ramiro. Purchasing manager for Iberdrola

    Ignacio Ramiro has been in charge of coordinating and handling all the company's health supplies. He and his team have been doing an exceptional job, taking on all the administrative, customs and risk complications in this most difficult and unfamiliar situation.