We have launched a number of measures in Brazil to combat the coronavirus

Neoenergia — Iberdrola group's subsidiary in Brazil — and its distributors (Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro) have put in place a series of measures aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of everyone: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the general public. The company is focusing its efforts on ensuring the electricity supply in its areas of operation (Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, interior São Paulo and five towns in Mato Grosso do Sul), concentrating on customers such as hospitals, sanitation companies and prisons.

  • sub WE STRENGTHEN PREVENTION MEASURES We reinforce prevention against COVID 19 among our employees.

    We reinforce prevention against COVID-19 among our employees

    We increase the care with our more than 14,000 professionals who work directly to maintain the quality of the supply in such challenging times. To do so, we reorganized routines and workspaces, provided masks and face shields for everyone, carry out massive testing periodically, promote live broadcasts for guidance and use the HealthCheck online health platform.

  • sub CONTRIBUTION TO HEALTH AND EDUCATION Health and educational institutions in three states.

    We deliver solar panels to health and educational institutions in three states

    Aiming to contribute to philanthropic health and educational institutions, we delivered in 2020 generation equipment that sum up a 350.42 kWp installed capacity, actions that continue in 2021. In addition, we are delivering over 700 scientific refrigerators for vaccine storage and we continue to benefit hospitals in the fight against COVID-19.


    We reinforce COVID-19 precautionary measures among our critical service employees

    At Neoenergia we have a series of preventive actions for professionals who go out on the streets, such as an online health platform, awareness campaigns and delivery of hygiene kits.

  • sub FRIDGES FOR VACCINES Refrigerators.

    We are delivering 700 scientific refrigerators for storing vaccines

    Neoenergia has begun the distribution of over 700 scientific refrigerators donated for the storage of COVID-19 vaccines. This donation, worth 7.5m reales (about €1.14m), forms part of its Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP) and has started with the states of Bahia and Pernambuco.


    We donate 50 ventilators for public hospitals in Bahia, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte

    Brazil's public health system has been strengthened with the donation of 50 ventilators, which were delivered between 4 and 5 November, to help treat patients with respiratory diseases.

  • sub FACIAL RECOGNITION Facial recognition.

    Facial recognition technology makes life easier for our customers

    Social distancing brought about by COVID-19 has caused many businesses to think about quick digital solutions. Our latest solution is facial recognition, a technology that makes it possible to apply for a new electricity connection without the customer having to go to the distributor's office.

  • sub INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY International Volunteer Day.

    We perform remote activities in a global movement to encourage volunteering

    We are signing up for the third year running to International Volunteer Day, promoted by Iberdrola. This year, as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, the ten initiatives will be undertaken remotely.

  • sub RETURN TO THE OFFICE Back to work.

    We begin our back to work plan for face-to-face activities

    Neoenergia has begun its plan to resume face-to-face activities, after five months of remote working on tasks where this was possible. In addition to taking measures in its buildings to comply with health protocols, the company has distributed brochures with relevant information on prevention inside and outside the office.

  • sub 'HEALTHY PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES' Distribute of meals.

    Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo distribute more than 30,000 meals

    More than twenty local restaurant owners and cooperatives have distributed over 30,000 meals to vulnerable people in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo as part of the Healthy People and Businesses project. The initiative promoted by the Neoenergia Institute and the Integrated Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Programmes (CIEDS) aims to keep the local economy afloat and fight hunger.

  • sub SCHOOL OF ELECTRICIANS Electricians.

    We have restarted the school of electricians virtually for more than 500 students

    By adopting distance learning resources, we resumed the activities of the School of Electricians, an initiative aimed at professional electrical training that had to be suspended in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • sub DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Digital Transformation.

    We are promoting the digital transformation of our social projects

    The new reality caused by coronavirus has also transformed the third sector, and the Neoenergy Institute and its social initiatives have also undergone significant changes. We have therefore adapted the projects to online versions, promoting a truly digital transformation for the institutions and activities held.

  • sub CHILDREN AT HOME Children at home.

    Reinforcing safety advice for electricity

    With the kids at home all day because of the lockdown, it's important not just to keep them entertained, but also to keep them safe. With this in mind, we've produced a series of tips to prevent accidents with electricity, especially for those in charge of the children's world.

  • sub SMILES FOR THE ELDERLY Smiles for the ederly.

    Our employees send letters to isolated elderly people in the midst of the pandemic

    Elderly people housed by institutions in Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte are receiving letters with words of affection and encouragement sent by Neoenergia employees. The letters are accompanied by baskets of basic items and hygiene products and donations to the Transforma Brasil fund, to which we have contributed more than one million reais.

  • sub NEW WAYS FOR NEW NEEDS Recruitment process during the pandemic.

    We are digitalising our intern recruitment process during the pandemic

    The lockdown period has meant that companies have had to create unprecedented solutions for undertaking their usual activities. In our case, we have had to fully digitalise the recruitment process for our 2020 Intern Program. Seven hundred of the more than 11,000 candidates registered have been selected for interview.

  • sub DETECTION KITS Power companies unite against COVID-19.

    Power companies unite against COVID-19

    Neonergia joins companies from across the electricity sector — generation, transmission, distribution and sales — in a campaign to raise funds for the production and purchase of diagnostic test kits for COVID-19.

  • sub AUTOREADING Self-reading service.

    We are extending the self-reading service to all our customers

    From now on, all Neoenergia's customers have access to the self-reading service. The measure is one of the actions taken by the company to help prevent coronavirus, since it avoids the physical presence of our technicians in homes and businesses that have their meter inside.

  • sub PREVENTING THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 HealthCheck platform.

    We launch a platform to monitor employees' health and prevent the spread of COVID-19

    Neoenergia has launched the HealthCheck platform, through which 12,000 employees can undergo a weekly "health check" by answering five questions about how they feel, physically and emotionally, and whether they are isolating or not. The aim is to draw-up increasingly assertive strategies to combat the coronavirus.


    Thermal imaging for enhanced efficiency in the fight against COVID-19

    Thermal imaging cameras that measure body temperature are the latest preventive tool against COVID-19 for Neoenergia employees. These systems have been set up at the entrance to all the company's business unit facilities, including generation plants and distribution offices, meaning employees who work on-site can be checked for a fever on a daily basis.

  • sub POWER THAT NEVER GOES OUT Neoenergia worker.

    Employee participation program during the pandemia

    With the changes to the way in which its employees are working and following the recommendations of the health authorities, Neoenergia has created the Energia Que Não Se Apaga (Power that Never Goes Out) program, which encourages participation by the different departments, the collaborative production of content and training to strengthen the link between the company and its employees during the quarantine period.


    Our customers can donate up to R$ 5 to social institutions without paying a thing

    Neoenergia will donate 5 reals to social support organisations for every customer who signs up for direct debit and electronic billing, to help counteract the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. If 40 % of customers sign up, this could amount to 5.6 million reals (almost €1m).

  • sub MAKING PAYMENT EASIER Making payment easier.

    We launch a debt negotiation platform

    Amid the economic impact of the coronavirus, and with the aim of offering digital solutions to its more than 14 million customers, Neoenergia has launched an exclusive portal for negotiating debts. This intuitive tool offers advantages like flexible payment and alternative conditions, and is available 24 hours a day.

  • sub DISTRIBUTING FOOD Food distribution.

    We distribute food to communities in Rio and São Paulo

    The Neoenergia Institute and CIEDS (Integrated Centre for Sustainable Development Programmes and Studies) have come together to distribute hot meals to vulnerable populations in communities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

  • sub PAY FROM HOME Pay from home.

    We are adopting bill payment with emergency help cards

    Neoenergia has launched another digital solution for its more than 14 million customers who have signed up for emergency assistance. There is no need for them to leave their home to pay their electricity bill as it can be done with a virtual Caixa Econômica Federal card.

  • sub IMPACTÔ PROGRAM Impacto program.

    Social acceleration program against COVID-19

    The Neoenergia Institute, in association with the Ekloos Institute, has prolonged the registration period, until 1 June, for the second Impactô Social Acceleration program, aimed at social organisations mobilised to combat the coronavirus.

  • sub SAFETY Safety.

    A fourfold increase in safety inspections

    Looking after our employees is an intrinsic part of our daily routine, and during the COVID-19 pandemic we have multiplied our preventive measures by four to keep our teams safe from accidents and from the coronavirus. As a result, safety inspections increased by 317 % between January and April 2020.

  • sub SOCIAL TARIFF Cosern.

    We are registering customers for exemption from their energy bills

    Over 240,000 families have already benefited from the Social Tariff program aimed at people on a low income. In April, Neoenergia reminded its customers of the importance of re-registering in order to qualify for these subsidies, which can extend up to a 100% discount on energy consumption.


    We are making the future now

    We are experiencing continuous change each day, which requires a new approach. It is time to reinvent ourselves and build a different tomorrow. In Neoenergia, we believe that the future is being made now and we are increasingly prepared for the challenges to come. Will you accompany us on this journey?

  • sub NEW WEBSITE New website.

    Our initiatives

    We have created a new website with all the initiatives that we are undertaking to combat COVID-19.

  • sub CHATBOT Chatbot.

    Our chatbot receives a million questions

    As a way of preventing the spread of the pandemic, Neoenergia's concessionaires have opted to provide customer assistance via Whatsapp using a chatbot. In little over a month (since 20 March) this chatbot has given over a million responses.

  • sub BEHIND CULTURE Culture.

    Supporting culture in times of pandemic

    The Neoenergía Institute stands behind creative economy initiatives during COVID-19, in particular driving measures to bolster regional culture and boost the economy.

  • sub TEAMWORK Teamwork.

    Teamwork helps working from home

    All areas have had to come together to make it possible for 4,000 Neoenergia employees to work from home, particularly in the IT service, which in a mere four days was capable of setting up a large part of its structure.

  • sub MUSIC FOR CONFINEMENT Music for confinement.

    Listen to our playlist "Focus and concentration"

    To avoid spreading the novel coronavirus, many people are working or studying from home. With this in mind, we have produced a Spotify playlist, called Focus and Concentration, to help to avoid distractions and improve concentration. Have a listen!

  • sub ENCOURAGING VOLUNTARY SERVICE Encouraging voluntary service.

    Supporting voluntary service during the COVID-19 pandemic

    As part of Neoenergia's corporate culture, the company is encouraging people to volunteer and make donations to help the families most affected by the necessary measures brought in to fight the coronavirus.

  • sub CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer service.

    Shortening service times

    Our concessions have a tool that automatically schedules its teams' daily activities to satisfy external demand, including network inspections, resolving unscheduled power outages and the new connection service.

  • sub HELP TO LOW-INCOME CUSTOMERS Low income customers are exempt from paying.

    Low income customers are exempt from paying

    Neoenergia's residential customers classified as low-income and with a monthly consumption of up to 220 kWh will be exempt from paying the electricity bill from 1 April to 30 June this year.

  • sub DIAGNOSTIC TESTS United against the coronavirus.

    United against the coronavirus

    Companies across the electricity sector have joined a campaign to collect funds to produce and purchase Covid-19 diagnostic testing kits.

  • sub PREVENTIVE MEASURES FOR ELECTRICIANS The electricity that people cannot do without.

    The electricity that people cannot do without

    Electricity is essential to continuing to provide the community with services. Learn about the preventive measures implemented to ensure a reliable electricity supply without endangering electricians' health.

  • sub SUBSIDIZED SOCIAL RATE Social Tariff discount rate on Whatsapp.

    Social Tariff discount rate on Whatsapp

    Neoenergia customers can apply for the Tarifa Social discount energy rate from their retailers using Whatsapp. This measure is available to people whose monthly income is half the minimum professional salary or less.

  • sub ONLINE FREE PLATFORM Plataform for teachers.

    We launch a platform for teachers

    The Instituto Neoenergia, in cooperation with the Integrated Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Programs (CIEDS), has launched the Balcão de Ideias e Práticas Educativas project, a totally free platform that brings together a hundred different practices created by teachers for teachers.

  • sub SAFETY MEASURES WITH ELECTRICITY Neoenergia boosts its safety measures.

    Neoenergia boosts its safety measures

    With more leisure time spent at home, children may be tempted to explore places and objects they usually don't notice. This means that extra care should be taken when they are near items like electrical appliances, cables, plugs and sockets.

  • sub SUPPLIES TO HOSPITALS Supplies to hospitals.

    Neoenergia will be equipping hospitals and medical centres caring for patients with Covid-19

    Neoenergia will be equipping hospitals and health centres caring for Covid-19 patients with 220 air conditioners and efficient LED lamps.

  • sub INVESTMENTS IN THE ELECTRICITY SECTOR Investments in the electricity sector.

    Neoenergia advocates for investments in the electricity sector for after the COVID-19 pandemic

    Neoenergia CEO Mario Ruiz-Tagle emphasised that at this difficult moment for the country, the economy and the electricity sector, the best alternative is to keep investing to prepare the segment for the reactivation of consumption after the impact of Covid-19.

  • sub PAYMENT FACILITIES Payment facilities.

    Neoenergia offers to divide bills into up to twelve instalments

    To make life easier for Neogenergia customers and in light of the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the company is offering customers the opportunity to pay their bills in up to 12 instalments with a credit card. The scheme also permits lump sum cash payments with no interest.


    We are still out and about getting our energy to you

    Now, more than ever, electricity has become a crucial asset for all our lives. That's why we're working every day to guarantee high-quality supplies to our 14 million retail customers.


    Technical visits to hospitals, sanitation companies and prisons

    Distributors of Neoenergia, Iberdrola's Brazilian subsidiary, are making technical visits to health centres to detect potential issues with the grid and to serve as a direct channel for hospitals to get speedy attention in case of emergencies. The same goes for sanitation companies and prisons.

  • sub WE ARE SUSPENDING ALL CUT-OFFS Neoenergia will not cut off electricity.

    Neoenergia will not cut off electricity to its residential customers

    Neoenergia, Iberdrola Group's subsidiary in Brazil, has decided to suspend all cut-offs for the next 90 days to its more than 14 million residential customers in all the areas in which it operates (Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, interior of São Paulo and five municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul).

  • sub DIGITAL CUSTOMER SERVICES Digital customer services.

    Neoenergia closes all physical customer services offices

    Our Brazilian subsidiary has closed its physical offices and is asking the customers of its retailers (Coelba, Celpe, Cosern and Elektro) to make use of digital customer services channels for services and emergency response. The company is ready to answer your questions promptly and efficiency via its digital channels.

  • sub NEOENERGIA'S PAGE ON COVID-19 Neoenergia launches a portal on the coronavirus.

    Neoenergia launches a portal on the coronavirus

    Neoenergia, Iberdrola group's subsidiary in Brazil, has created a specific space within its corporate website to provide its Stakeholders with relevant information on the coronavirus epidemic. The page provides access to digital customer service channels, groups the company's official communications and offers advice on how to save on energy consumption and cope with the quarantine.

  • sub TIPS ON HOW TO SAVE ENERGY Tips on how to save energy.

    How can I save energy working from home?

    Neoenergía offers advice on how to make more efficient use of energy to people working from home as a result of the measures adopted to control the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. It hopes that these will help you reduce energy use and secure the supply.


    We are strengthening our services to the Brazilian health sector

    Neoenergia has designed a plan to give priority attention to the health, sanitation and water supply sectors directly related to fighting against and containing the spread of the coronavirus. To do this, it has enabled exclusive channels to respond more quickly to possible incidents in hospitals and water and sewerage companies.