Our actions in fighting coronavirus in the United States

Iberdrola group subsidiary in the United States, Avangrid, together with its electricity and gas distribution companies — Berkshire Gas, CMP, MNG, NYSEG, RG&E, SCG, CNG and UI — as well as its renewables company —Avangrid Renewables—, is taking a series of measures to protect the health and safety of the population and to guarantee supplies in all the states in which it operates (New York, Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts).


    Uninterrupted customer service

    Avangrid is proud to provide an uninterrupted customer service during the pandemic while following health and work-from-home protocols. Meet some of the voices in our company.

  • sub HALF A MILLION DOLLARS Donation.

    We are donating 500,000 dollars to help society recover from the coronavirus

    Avangrid Renewables is donating half million dollars in corporate funds to over 30 local medical care and nutritional organisations that serve the communities in areas that host the company's wind and solar farms.

  • sub GRANTS Grants.

    We are giving 2 million dollars in grants

    The Avangrid Foundation has announced the allocation of $1 million in grants to non-profit partners and community relief funds, and the company has committed an additional $ 500,000 in corporate funds to support communities affected by COVID-19 across the whole country.

  • sub SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE Safety in the workplace.

    Crucial work goes on despite the pandemic

    On the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which feels more significant now than ever due to COVID-19, Avangrid is looking back on all the measures taken to stop the spread of the pandemic at work.


    We are investing 2 million dollars to fight the pandemic

    Avangrid and its foundation have invested two million dollars to support the response to the coronavirus and subsequent recovery efforts in the regions where it operates, in addition to having donated 31,000 masks to front-line health workers.

  • sub PROTECTIVE MASKS Masks to protect front-line workers.

    Masks to protect front-line workers

    As the coronavirus crisis deepened, the teams at Avangrid, our US subsidiary, reviewed inventories to confirm that they had adequate supplies of sufficient protective equipment for employees and customers. Having secured this supply, they reserved thousands of masks to donate, most purchased during the H1N1 crisis.


    How Avangrid prepares for disasters like COVID-19

    In this interview, Trish Nilsen, director of Emergency Preparedness at Avangrid, explains how the company prepares for disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic before they happen.

  • sub 31,000 MASKS COVID-19 masks.

    Avangrid donates 31,000 masks

    Our US subsidiary is donating a total of 31,000 masks to hospital and other institutions to help compensate for the scarcity of personal protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • sub AVANGRID DONATIONS Avangrid donations.

    Avangrid and its Foundation donate $2m to combat the effects of the corona virus

    Our subsidiary in the United States is to donate one million dollars to help in the response to the pandemic in the states in which it operates (New York, Maine, Connecticut and Massachusetts). For its part, Avangrid Foundation will be setting aside a further million to support its partners who are engaged in the emergency response and in helping the population. The foundation linked itself last year to over 300 organisations, in more than 30 states, that are working to improve the resilience of communities, respond to disasters and help vulnerable groups, as well as working on other projects.

  • sub MEASURES TAKEN BY AVANGRID Measures taken by Avangrid.

    We are guaranteeing the continuity of our service in the United States

    Avangrid and all of its electricity and gas retailers (Berkshire Gas, CMP, MNG, NYSEG, RG&E, SCG, CNG and UI), as well as renewable energy production ones (Avangrid Renewables), will not cut off supplies to their customers for non-payment of bills and have launched a bill management and low energy consumption plan to reduce demand for electricity. The company is also supporting the country's emergency services and hospitals to guarantee their electricity supply.