Get to know our actions in Spain in the face of the coronavirus epidemic

Iberdrola group, through its subsidiary Iberdrola España, is taking a series of measures in order to protect general health and safety (of customers, employees, suppliers and the general public), as well as to ensure the country's electricity supply during the COVID-19 crisis, especially to hospitals, health centres and other vital services.

  • sub MASKS FOR DEAF PEOPLE Masks for deaf people.

    We donate 1,000 accessible masks for people with disabilities

    These reusable and homologated masks have a transparent window that facilitates communication. They have been made with environmentally friendly materials in the Special Employment Centre of the Association of people with disabilities.

  • sub 50 RESPIRATORS We donate 50 respirators to the army.

    We donate 50 respirators to the army to continue to battle against COVID-19

    We provided the Spanish army with 50 respirators to be used in hospitals classed as priority centres by the healthcare authorities. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have purchased 400 respirators, more than 4 million masks, 242,000 protective coveralls and 30,000 pairs of protective goggles.

  • sub KNOW EVERYTHING WE DO Silver Social Medal.

    Silver Social Medal from the Ministry of the Interior for our collaboration during the pandemic

    Iberdrola España has received the Silver Social Medal for its collaboration with Spanish prisons during the State of Alarm decreed because of the coronavirus crisis.

  • sub SOCIAL GRANTS Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola.

    Over a million euros in Social Grants to support vulnerable groups

    We open the call for applications to our 2021 Social Program, focused this year on helping to mitigate the negative impact after COVID-19 on the most vulnerable, prioritising support for children and women, as well as the families most affected by the economic crisis derived from the pandemic. Until 22 September.

  • sub 300 VENTILATORS

    300 state-of-the-art ventilators donated by Iberdrola arrive in Spain

    An aircraft with a total of 300 pieces of state-of-the-art breathing equipment donated by Iberdrola landed at Madrid. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has delivered basic healthcare supplies and carried out solidarity actions worth more than 30 million euros.

  • sub BUSINESS MEETING Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola.

    Ignacio Galán takes part in the royal visit to the Basque Country

    Iberdrola chairman joined the Spanish king and queen to take part in a top-level business meeting organised by the CEOE (the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations), to analyse the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on Basque business infrastructure.

  • sub THE DAY AFTER WILL BE... Covid-19 crisis.

    Covid-19 crisis, inequality and climate emergency

    Within the framework of the next United Nations High-Level Political Forum, an official side event organised by the governments of Spain, Costa Rica and Vietnam took place under the slogan The Day After: More 2030 Agenda Than Ever. It addressed the social, economic and health impacts of the pandemic and the need to strengthen the commitment by governments and institutions to the 2030 Agenda.


    The new social contract of the company

    On July 9, the community of 'Inequality and a new economic model' of The Day After Wil Be... organized an agora about the social contract in companies, one of the key issues to ensure that the post-COVID-19 economic revival is fair and sustainable.

  • sub THE 2030 AGENDA POST COVID-19 2030 Agenda.

    The decade for action

    That's what the UN is calling the 10 years starting in 2020 earmarked for achieving its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the economic and health crisis caused by the current pandemic is going to have a huge impact and mark a turning point. The 2030 Agenda: A Decade for Action, webinar was held to address this, with the participation of Iberdrola.

  • sub THE DAY AFTER WILL BE… The challenge of new post-COVID mobility.

    The challenge of new post-COVID mobility

    The pandemic has made us aware of the close link between our mobility system and public health. What will the new post-COVID mobility be like?


    Cities and data: an ethical outlook

    Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have huge potential to help cities tackle their sustainability challenges. But what principles should govern the way these data are used? The last agora of The day after will be... made an ethical analysis of these applications.

  • sub BACK TO NORMAL Iberdrola tower.

    Introducing extended work-life balance measures to ease our reopening

    We are working on a gradual return to normality by bringing the entire workforce back to the office as from 1 July, although we are not expecting to see everyone back together until September or October.


    Multiplayer alliances and open innovation platforms

    If there is anything we have learned from the COVID-19 crisis it is that, in order to address the major global challenges, we need the ability to adjust the way we do things, drawing on the best of each discipline and working on various levels at once. In this The day after will be... discussion, we talked about SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals.

  • sub FACE-MASKS FOR DEAF PEOPLE Face masks.

    We deliver the first 1000 face masks made by volunteers for people with hearing impairments

    These protective masks come with a see-through part to enable lip reading, which helps people with hearing difficulties to communicate with others. The initiative is part of the 'Volunteers against COVID', program, which involves over a thousand employees in Spain.

  • sub POSITIVE ENERGY+ Positive energy.

    Positive Energy+ will invest 4 million in 12 innovative projects to contribute to recovery after the coronavirus

    The Positive Energy+ platform estimates an initial investment of 4.2 million euros for the 12 selected startups — among 396 proposals received in 13 days — as a result of their urgent call to alleviate the impact of coronavirus through innovation. The projects are from Spanish startups and offer ground-breaking and socially significant solutions for the new de-carbonised energy model in the face of COVID-19.


    Experts at finding solutions for difficult times

    Raquel Blanco, director of Smart Solutions Iberdrola, provides alternatives to help customers save on their household bills like personalised rates, solar panels and tips and tricks that help customers pay less on a routine basis, as part of the Ana Rosa Quintana show.


    We support people in need by giving out 90,000 meals in Madrid and Biscay

    Iberdrola is acting on its commitment to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis by launching an initiative to cook 90,000 meals for charity — 1000 meals for 90 consecutive days — to feed the needy in Madrid and Biscay. All this food will be cooked in Iberdrola's kitchens by their usual catering staff.


    Renewable energy for the green recovery

    This crisis has proven that we can create a cleaner world, and this goal has become more important than ever. Which is why we need to champion the green recovery with renewable energy.

  • sub WE'RE BACK Customer service points.

    We are reopening our customer service points

    This week, we have started reopening Iberdrola's more than 500 customer service points across Spain, having implemented the full gamut of protective measures to guarantee safety and physical distancing.

  • sub VIRTUAL MEETING Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola.

    Ignacio Galán attends a virtual meeting with Iberdrola employees in Spain

    Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán attended a virtual meeting with the company's nearly 9,000 employees in Spain in a mass meeting to which almost 100 % of the workforce was connected. He talked about the company's performance and future plans and also answered the more than 200 questions employees have asked him electronically.


    Towards a better future 

    Towards a green recovery with renewable energy to care for ourselves and the planet. Sustainable growth for all. Let's build a better future.


    Green recovery

    Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera, head of Climate Change at Iberdrola, explained the company's approach to dealing with pandemic by increasing investment and creating more jobs during a guest appearance on TV show El programa de Ana Rosa.

  • sub PROMISE FULFILLED Iberdrola tower.

    We donate the costs saved on Shareholders' Day to the Basque Health Service

    Iberdrola has donated the amount it usually spends on the traditional aperitif served at the end of the General Shareholders' Meeting — which this year was held online — to the purchase of a total of 1,702,000 pairs of sanitary gloves which have been provided to the Osakidetza-Basque Health Service.


    Rethinking global cooperation and governance in the face of COVID-19

    The fifth public debate on the El Día Después platform was attended by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, the director of the malaria program of the World Health Organization, Pedro Alonso, and former Minister of Health Leire Pajín, among other experts in international cooperation, to discuss and showcase transformative solutions in order to achieve a more sustainable future.


    Together we will move on

    Thanks to everyone's efforts, we will move on. With this video from the Maranchon wind farm we want to show our support for all the professionals who are making it possible. United to overcome difficulties.


    A million face masks and sanitary material

    We have provided the Spanish Ministry of the Interior with almost a million face masks, 20,000 pairs of protective goggles and 5,390 medical gowns, which will be shared out among their teams over the coming days.


    Thank you, essential workers

    We would like to thank all essential workers for everything you are doing for us. When these weeks have passed, we'll all grow together again. We will be a driving force for the economy and jobs with a green recovery that will benefit everyone.


    Interview on the AR Programme

    Ana Lafuente, i-DE Director for the Eastern Region, talks on Ana Rosa Quintana's TV program about what Iberdrola has been doing to maintain its full electricity supply during the pandemic and arrange payments and help for the most vulnerable.


    Volunteers helping the neediest

    As part of the Volunteers in the fight against COVID-19 program more than 1,000 volunteers have been active in 20 projects, such as making masks, story-telling, remote companionship, etc. Would you like to meet them?


    Starting to ease the lockdown

    Iberdrola and union representatives have reached a unanimous agreement on the Back-to-Work Plan in Spain that covers three areas: hygiene, PPE and social distance.


    Measures against the coronavirus

    At Iberdrola we have taken 107 measures to fight against the pandemic, to ensure the power supply and to help out our most vulnerable customers.


    We are committed to employment

    Many Spanish companies are already working on the day after with measures for recovering jobs. Iberdrola is committed to creating 5,000 jobs, a record number of new recruits to drive quality employment and economic growth.


    Knock-on effect on suppliers

    Aware as we are of our key role in triggering a knock-on effect on SMEs, Iberdrola placed orders with suppliers for €2.9 billion in March. Moreover, it is to bring forward purchases in the order of €4 billion this year.


    Wind turbines for a new project in Spain arrive in Bilbao

    Renewable power may very well become one of the key levers to reviving economic activity and jobs in these coronavirus-stricken times. After a journey of 20,000 km and having passed all the health checks, a ship from China has docked with the 42 blades for the Puylobo wind farm (Aragón).


    Bringing forward our investments

    Iberdrola is bringing forward its investments to drive the economic recovery when we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

  • sub HACKATON Hackatón.

    #EUvsVirus challenge

    The European Commission is organising #EUvsVirus, a pan-European hackathon aimed at developing innovative solutions for the challenges relating to the coronavirus. The hackathon will take place between 24 and 26 April.


    Professionals in generation face up to the coronavirus

    Fourth video about power generation facilities in the context of the coronavirus. This time we're looking at how the work is being done at the El Andévalo and Cortes-La Muela plants.


    Mobilising 1,000 volunteers in Spain

    Iberdrola is mobilising 1,000 volunteers for social initiatives against COVID in Spain. With a campaign Volunteers Against COVID, the company has launched over 20 initiatives to enable employees, selflessly and from their homes, to collaborate with projects against coronavirus.

  • sub #DÍADESPUÉS Historias del día después.

    Cultural changes

    On Wednesday, 22nd April, before the Day of the Book, we have a new date with The Day After Will Be..., to talk about the unavoidable changes from a cultural and the imaginative perspective. Don't miss it!


    A further donation of medical supplies

    Citizens and companies have thrown themselves into providing help where it is needed most. An example of this is the 25 million euros worth of medical and preventive supplies donated by Iberdrola.


    Special plan in hospitals

    Iberdrola has devised a special plan in hospitals to guarantee electricity supplies in more than 250 Spanish health centres and to service field hospitals, medicalised hotels and health centres.


    Iberdrola people supporting the grid

    Some people are working particularly hard to guarantee essential services during the state of emergency. Our grid operators have devised an unprecedented plan to guarantee electricity supplies to homes and hospitals throughout Spain.


    The first masks land

    Iberdrola is making its capacity to access global suppliers available to the Government to acquire essential medical equipment. A military aircraft has landed at Madrid-Torrejón airport with some of the 4.6 million masks donated by the company.

  • sub THANK YOU!

    To all the health workers, THANK YOU!

    To all you heroes who ALWAYS help us succeed, and NOW also the: Doctors, nurses, carers, cleaning staff, maintenance workers... To ALL healthcare professionals.

  • sub #DÍADESPUÉS El Dïa Después.

    We'll get through this, together

    On Thursday 16 April, we get together for the #DíaDespués to talk about the challenges we're facing during this health crisis: development and health, food, #energy, telecommunications, culture and education.


    #GenteIberdrola keep on giving their all

    Our workers at the Chambón wind farm continue working to bring the best energy to 27,000 houses in Palencia.

  • sub EASY TERMS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS Almost 100,000 customers have benefited.

    Almost 100,000 customers have benefited

    Almost 100,000 of Iberdrola's customers have taken up the different initiatives that we have launched in recent weeks to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

  • sub POSITIVE ENERGY+ Positive energy.

    We participate in the Positive Energy+ initiative to alleviate the impact of coronavirus through innovation

    This platform, a pioneering initiative in Spain, is intended to support startups in developing projects from the perspective of energy and in the fields of environmental sustainability, mobility, social impact, digitisation, telecommunications and 4.0. Send your proposal until 19 April.

  • sub 8,000 BLANKETS DONATED We have donated 8,000 blankets.

    We have donated 8,000 blankets to field hospitals and retirement homes

    The company has begun to distribute more than half of the 8,000 blankets that it will be giving field hospitals and old people's homes over the next few days. This first delivery of 5,500 blankets will go to field hospitals in the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid, San Andrés de la Barca in Barcelona, and Logroño, as well as to the Govern of Madrid for distribution to old people's homes in the region.


    Ignacio Galán visits the Distribution Operation Centre for northern Spain

    Iberdrola group chairman, Ignacio Galán, has visited the DOC for northern Spain, located in Larraskitu (Bilbao), to thank employees for their hard work and express his support and encouragement. The centre is responsible for the round-the-clock maintenance and control of the company's electricity transmission and distribution network in the País Vasco, Navarra and La Rioja, which consists of almost 38,000 km of power lines, more than 250 substations and approximately 18,000 transformer centres, that supply almost two million people.

  • sub PENAL INSTITUTIONS Penal institutions.

    We are making doctors available to Penal Institutions

    As part of its global action plan against the coronavirus, Iberdrola has made practitioners available to the General Secretariat of Penal Institutions — which has communicated its most pressing needs for medical personnel — to reinforce the medical services at a number of its centres.

  • sub ELECTRICAL EMERGENCIES FOR PEOPLE OVER 65 Electrical emergencies for people over 65.

    We're offering a free electric emergency service for elderly people

    Iberdrola is reinforcing its customer support plan activated weeks ago to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis with a free emergency electricity service for its two million customers in Spain over 65 years of age. This service will solve any problem related to the lack of electricity supply in the home, covering both the travel costs of the technician, as well as the labour cost, throughout the duration of the State of Alarm.

  • sub SUPPORTIVE DONATIONS Supportive donations.

    Donations to fight COVID-19

    Iberdrola joins a campaign to raise funds to help tackle COVID-19, in which employees and contributors can donate to organizations such as Save the Children, UNICEF, Aldeas Infantiles or the Red Cross. The proceeds will go to 10 projects launched to provide support for various research programs that are urgently trying to find new treatments for fighting COVID-19, or projects that are offering support and lessening the effects of the pandemic on those who are the most vulnerable.

  • sub SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS Sustainable development goals.

    We have joined the platform 'The day after will be...'

    Iberdrola has formed an alliance with a group of organisations committed to accelerating the objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The initiative "The Day After Will Be..." is a collaborative and virtual space that has been created to share the experience and knowledge derived from the current emergency situation. The alliance aspires to become a benchmark platform in online and collective dialogue, with the aim of promoting a sustainable transformation.


    We are ensuring the energy supply to Spanish hospitals

    Iberdrola has reinforced its global action program against COVID-19 with a special care plan for hospital services in Spain. The objective is to ensure the maintenance and quality of supply, both in health centres and in the temporary facilities that are being deployed to care for patients. Here we present some of the specific actions that are now being carried out.

  • sub REMOTE ATTENDANCE Remote attendance.

    Our General Shareholders' Meeting was held remotely

    Iberdrola held its General Shareholders' Meeting, the first 100 % remote one, in order to safeguard the continuity of its investment and industrial activity despite the advance of the COVID-19 virus. To this end, shareholders were provided a choice of channels for remote participation.

  • sub i-DE CONTINGENCY PLAN i-DE contingency plan.

    i-DE launches a contingency plan to continue providing a secure, reliable service

    Iberdrola Spain's retailer has activated a global action plan to safeguard supplies and the continuity of its activities. The plan includes specific measures for hospitals supplied by its network and all its workplaces and installations. The company has also reinforced its digital customer service channels.


    We are facilitating the payment of electricity and gas bills by our customers in Spain

    The company has launched an aid plan to facilitate the payment of electricity, gas and other energy services bills, with the aim of alleviating the possible impact of the coronavirus on its customers. The initiative — aimed at Spanish households, SMEs and the self-employed— will allow bills to be paid in instalments over 12 months at no extra cost.

  • sub CORONAVIRUS ACTION PLAN Iberdrola tower.

    We activated a global action plan against coronavirus

    Iberdrola has launched a package of 65 measures that will help guarantee the operation of its business. With this action plan, the group is reinforcing the normal functioning of its facilities and critical and strategic activities, protecting the health and safety of its employees and facilitating the reconciliation of their personal and work life.