Iberdrola sends crews and support staff to Nova Scotia to mitigate the effects of Fiona

  • The resources have been sent to Northern Canada, an area that has suffered the worst consequences of the hurricane's passage

Iberdrola has joined the efforts to restore electricity service in Canada following the passage of Hurricane Fiona, one of the most violent hurricanes in the country's history. The company has mobilised a total of 31 teams from the United States, through its distributors in Maine and Connecticut of its subsidiary AVANGRID, along with support personnel and additional equipment.

The brigades have moved to northern Canada where the most damaging effects of the hurricane have been located. Iberdrola crews are responding to Nova Scotia Power's request for help, after reporting that more than 80% of its customers were without power. Widespread power outages have also been reported in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. 

To deal with this emergency, Iberdrola had to mobilise additional personnel in the United States. The aim was to guarantee service to its customers in Maine and Connecticut, so that supply would not be affected by the movement of equipment across the border. 

Iberdrola Group Chairman Ignacio Galán has congratulated the mobilised personnel for their swift and effective action in restoring service to the affected Canadian communities, despite the harsh conditions. "The readiness of our professionals to help the people of Nova Scotia is a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to ensuring that everyone has safe and reliable service, even in times of crisis and across national borders," he said.

The call for manpower to help Nova Scotians has been channelled through the North Atlantic Mutual Assistance Group (NAMAG), which is made up of utilities from across Northeast Canada and the United States that provide non-profit crisis assistance. 

Hurricane Fiona has caused extensive damage to trees and infrastructure. At its peak, it knocked out power to more than half a million Canadians.