The meeting will take place on 2 April at Torre Iberdrola in Bilbao with no shareholders, representatives or guests attending in person


Iberdrola will hold its Shareholders’ General Meeting remotely

  • In support of the measures passed by the Spanish government to ensure business continuity while fighting the spread of COVID-19, Iberdrola becomes the first listed company to take this step
  • Today, the group's Board of Directors approved measures to extend remote participation channels to all shareholders to enable them to follow the meeting and exercise their right to vote or delegate

Today, Iberdrola’s Board of Directors agreed to implement a set of measures that will enable them to attend the Shareholders’ General Meeting remotely on 2 April at first call, safeguarding the continuity of its investment and industrial activity despite the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Iberdrola, which supports the package of measures approved yesterday by the Spanish government to ensure business continuity while fighting the spread of the disease, will be the first listed company to make use of them.

The annual meeting will therefore take place at Torre Iberdrola in Bilbao without physical attendance by shareholders, representatives and guests to safeguard the health of all employees and suppliers involved in its organisation.

To ensure that all shareholders are able to take part in the General Meeting remotely, Iberdrola's Board of Directors has also promised to provide more channels for these purposes, which you can already consult at

These channels will enable the company's shareholders to not only attend the annual meeting but exercise their right to grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote. This will entitle them to receive attendance premiums for the Shareholders’ General Meeting of 0.005 gross euros per share or one euro per 200 shares.

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