Ignacio Galán at Harvard Business School to discuss company case study with students: "Iberdrola, leading the energy revolution"

  • Graduate students at the US university spoke with Iberdrola's chairman and analysed the company's decisions over the last 20 years.

Around 1,000 postgraduate students at Harvard Business School were given the opportunity today (Friday 17th February) to engage directly with Iberdrola Executive Chairman, Ignacio Galán, and scrutinise the decisions taken over the last 20 years that have shaped the company’s strategy and drive into clean energy, as well as the company’s forward-looking strategy. 

The day in the lecture hall forms part of a case study titled, “Iberdrola, leading the energy revolution”, which was prepared by Professor Juan Alcácer, James J Hill Professor of Business Administration. 

Mr Galán took to the lectern in Aldrich Hall along with other senior management from the company across the day, as 11 different groups of 95 students each posed questions and drilled down into the finer details of Iberdrola’s business model and decision making processes. The case also analyses Iberdrola's forward-looking strategy, such as its role in green hydrogen, based on the position taken by the group in renewables, grids and storage.

The event was led by Professor Alcácer, who was joined on the day by Rebecca A. Karp, Assistant Professor of Business Administration. 

By examining the real decisions and strategy taken by major companies, and speaking directly to senior leadership, the postgraduate students get access to unique insights to aid them in their studies and future careers.