Ignacio Galán meets with shareholders in Bilbao prior to the 2024 AGM

  • The Executive Chairman of Iberdrola took part in the Shareholders' Day in Bilbao, which was attended by more than 700 people.
  • During the meeting, Ignacio Galán reaffirmed Iberdrola's commitment to shareholder remuneration, which will be increased by 10.8% in accordance with the proposal to be submitted for approval at next Friday's General Meeting.
  • In addition to this meeting, another was held in Madrid.

The Executive Chairman of Iberdrola participated this morning in Bilbao in the Shareholders' Day, held at Torre Iberdrola with more than 700 attendees, many of whom have been shareholders of the Company for generations.

During the meeting, Ignacio Galán thanked the atendees for their support and involvement and reaffirmed the company's commitment to value creation. In this regard, he highlighted the increase in the dividend, which will reach 0.55 euros per share - an increase of 10.8% - in accordance with the proposal to be presented next Friday to the General Shareholders' Meeting. The Executive Chairman also highlighted Iberdrola's set of initiatives to promote employment and economic activity, environmental protection, innovation and social action. The latter make up the company's so-called social dividend, enshrined in its Articles of Association.  The Executive Chairman also had the opportunity to comment on the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, which will involve investments of €41 billion. 

Encouraging shareholder involvement

Shareholder Day is one more of the initiatives launched by the Company throughout the year to encourage shareholder involvement. To this end, Iberdrola has the interactive channel OLA - On Line Shareholders, which deals with their queries in detail 365 days a year, thus functioning as a "permanent meeting". In addition to this initiative, there are other initiatives run throughout the year by the Shareholders' Club, such as visits and events and the sending of documents.

And, of course, within the framework of the General Shareholders' Meeting, Iberdrola has implemented various options for attending, granting proxies, or voting remotely, which are available to all shareholders on its corporate website.