Neoenergia Oitis starts test phase of wind farm operation

  • The wind farm complex with 12 wind farms between Piauí and Bahia will be the company's biggest investment in this part of the country

Neoenergia announced on Tuesday (14/6) the start of operational tests of the first seven wind turbines of Neoenergia Oitis, a wind power complex between the states of Piauí and Bahia. The delivery of this phase was made a month ahead of schedule. The project will be the company's largest of its kind in the country, with an installed capacity of 566.5MW, enough to supply a city of 2.7 million inhabitants. Full operation is scheduled for the second half of this year.

"The construction of the wind farm is aligned with Neoenergia's positioning strategy in the liberalisation of the Brazilian energy market. We believe that clean energy is the way to decarbonise the economy," says Laura Porto, Neoenergia's Renewables Director.

The wind farm complex has 103 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 5.5 MW, and will consist of 12 wind farms. The energy generated in the Neoenergia Oitis wind farms will be 96% of the energy generated in the Free Contracting Environment (FCE), and 4% will be sold in the regulated energy market. Neoenergia is currently the second largest energy distribution company in Brazil and is committed to the demand for efficient and sustainable energy supply in an integrated manner.

Neoenergia is a pioneer in the energy transition and has been investing in wind energy since the early 2000s, when it was still considered an alternative source. Today, the implementation of projects with renewable sources is a reality with the construction of wind and solar farms, increasing the generation of clean energy. Currently, with assets in operation and under construction, we have 1.7 GW of installed capacity between wind and solar photovoltaic farms. Added to the hydroelectric plants in operation, the company will reach more than 4.7 GW of energy from renewable sources by the end of the year.

Renewable investments 

Neoenergia invested R$ 808 million in the renewables segment in the first quarter of 2022. In addition to Neoenergia Oitis, the company completed Neoenergia Chafariz, and advanced this year in the construction of Neoenergia Luzia, a solar complex located in the municipality of Santa Luzia, in Paraíba. The three projects will lead the company to reach more than 90% of its installed capacity in clean energy.

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