• Daily market close
    Time at which trading officially ends on the Automated Quotation System (Electronic Market), namely, at 17:35 and 30 seconds on a trading day, and which determines the closing price of a share on that trading day.
    Spanish: Cierre diario de mercado
  • Debenture
    Fixed-income negotiable security representing a pro rata share of a loan raised by the issuer and entitling the holder thereof to collect interest at a fixed or variable rate and to the return of the capital provided on the date of maturity of the issue.
    Spanish: Obligación
  • Debenture-holder
    Holder of or subscriber for debentures.
    Spanish: Obligacionista
  • Debenture-holders' syndicate
    Association for the defence of the subscribers of debentures belonging to a particular issuance. The creation thereof is required whenever debentures are issued, and its members meet at the general meeting of debenture-holders, with the power to adopt such resolutions as are required to further the interests of the debenture-holders.
    Spanish: Sindicato de obligacionistas
  • Director
    Member of the Board of Directors.
    Spanish: Consejero
  • Director Remuneration Policy
    Set of rules laying down the basic principles that govern the compensation of the members of the Board of Directors.
    Spanish: Política de retribuciones de los consejeros
  • Directors' Code of Ethics
    Code setting forth the ethics principles that must govern the acts of the directors and the ethical duties that they undertake to observe as members of the Board of Directors.
    Spanish: Código ético del consejero
  • Dividend
    Portion of the corporate profits used to compensate the shareholders.
    Spanish: Dividendo
  • Dow Jones EuroStoxx 50
    Stock market index formed by the 50 most important stocks in the Eurozone. IBERDROLA is included in the index.
    Spanish: Dow Jones EuroStoxx 50
  • Dow Jones Stoxx Global 1800
    Stock market index formed by the leading 1,800 companies in the European, Asia-Pacific and American stock markets. IBERDROLA is included in the index.
    Spanish: Dow Jones Stoxx Global 1800
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index
    Wall Street stock market index which lists the companies with the best sustainability profile. It has become a benchmark for measuring the sustainability commitment of companies. IBERDROLA has been present in the index since 1999.
    Spanish: Dow Jones Sustainability Index
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