• Office of the Shareholder
    Office available to the shareholders in order to provide them with any appropriate information they may request and, in any event, to facilitate the formal exercise of the rights to receive information, to proxy representation, and to vote from a distance by electronic or data transmission means.
    Spanish: Oficina del Accionista
  • Official Bulletin of the Commercial Registry
    Official journal in which all events, announcements and legal notices of commercial companies are published as required by law. The electronic issue of the Official Bulletin of the Commercial Registry is published on the website (Spanish version) with the same effects that are legally attributed to the printed edition thereof.
    Spanish: Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil
  • On-Line Shareholders (OLS) Channel
    Direct and permanent channel of communication with IBERDROLA, included in its corporate website, whereby shareholders may: make queries, either confidentially or openly; view the most frequently asked questions and answers; access the legal and corporate documentation that they require; request information regarding items on the agenda for the General Shareholders' Meeting; exercise their rights to proxy representation and to vote; watch a live broadcast of the General Shareholders' Meeting without the need to be physically present at the place where it is held, and report conduct that may involve a breach of the ethical principles governing the Group's governance.
    Spanish: Canal OLA (On Line Accionistas)
  • Operating Committee
    Internal committee of IBERDROLA, S.A., which performs support and advisory duties under the immediate control of and as directed by the chairman & chief executive officer of the Company. The duties, composition, and operation of this committee are set forth in the Internal Rules on Composition and Duties of the Operating Committee .
    Spanish: Comité Operativo
  • Ordinary share
    Security granting the same rights to all holders thereof, as is the case with the shares issued by IBERDROLA, S.A. Ordinary shares carry no preferential rights, as opposed to preferred shares.
    Spanish: Acción ordinaria
  • Other external directors
    Directors who are not executive directors and also do not fit the description of a proprietary or independent director.
    Spanish: Otros consejeros externos
  • Other internal codes and procedures
    Documents that, together with the By-Laws, the Corporate Policies, and the internal corporate governance regulations, make up the Corporate Governance System and contribute to the continuous improvement of the corporate governance of IBERDROLA, S.A.
    Spanish: Otros códigos y procedimientos internos
  • Ownership of shares
    Title whereby the holder of shares of IBERDROLA, S.A. acquires the rights and becomes subject to the obligations inherent to such shares.
    Spanish: Titularidad de la acción
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