• Wind energy
    This is one of the most developed renewable energies. Based on the use of the force of wind mainly to generate electricity, this clean and inexhaustible energy source contributes to the reduction of the emission of harmful gases and preserves the environment. In fact, each kiloWatthour (kWh) produced with wind energy has 21 times less environmental impact than that produced by oil, 10 times less than that produced from nuclear energy and five times less that that produced by gas. The listed subsidiary, IBERDROLA RENOVABLES S.A., in which IBERDROLA holds 80% of the share capital, leads the world wind power market.
    Spanish: Energía eólica
  • Wind turbine
    Electric generator moved by wind. Its direct precedents are the windmills that were used for grinding and getting flour. In this case, wind power, in fact the kinetic energy of moving air, the propeller and moves through a mechanical system of gears, rotates the rotor of a generator, typically an alternator that converts mechanical energy rotational energy.
    Spanish: Aerogenerador
  • Withdrawal, removal, and resignation of directors
    Termination of the relationship between a director and the Company, which occurs upon the expiration of the term of office to which the director was appointed or when so decided by the shareholders in exercise of their powers at the General Shareholders' Meeting. Directors shall tender their resignation to the Board of Directors and formally resign from their position when they are involved in any circumstance of incompatibility or prohibition; when, as a result of acts or conduct attributable to the director, serious damage is caused to the value or reputation of the Company or there is a risk to the Company of criminal liability; when they cease to deserve the respectability or to have the capability, expertise, competence, availability, or commitment to their duties required to serve as directors of the Company, and in the other instances contemplated by law and in the Corporate Governance System. The Board of Directors shall, if appropriate, propose the removal thereof to the shareholders at the General Shareholders' Meeting.
    Spanish: Cese, separación y dimisión de los consejeros
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