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The 2017/2018 IBERDROLA Women's Water polo League is presented to the CSD

The 2017-2018 IBERDROLA WOMEN'S WATER POLO LEAGUE was presented to the Higher Council for Sport on Wednesday, in which CN Sabadell Astralpool will defend the title against 9 solid rivals: La Sirena CN Mataró, CN Sant Andreu, CN Madrid Moscardó, CE Mediterrani, CN Terrassa, CN Rubí, CN Sant Feliú, CW Dos Hermanas and EW Zaragoza.

The most important players, managers and agents of the competition attended the presentation event of the 2017-2018 IBERDROLA League. One of the highlights of this year's league is IBERDROLA's sponsorship activities, acting as an official RFEN Women's Water polo partner, which will sponsor the Women's Division of Honour this year. 

Our President, Fernando Carpena, thanked "not only all athletes, technical staff, clubs, federations, sponsors, institutions and the media, but also our host, the CSD, for its unconditional support, and Iberdrola, the sponsor that has shown proof of its strong commitment to women's sport in Spain. The Company has used its name for the competition as part of its commitment, acting as a showcase, with many vital elements inside, such as support, human capital, collaboration, representation and active presence from the start. Thank you for being there and, above all, for working hand-in-hand with us".


Iberdrola – promoting women's sports 

Iberdrola has become the main sponsor of the ‘Women's Universe’ programme run by the CSD. In doing so, Iberdrola is the first company to undertake a global commitment to foster the participation of women in all areas of sport.

According to this agreement, which was signed last year with the CSD and renewed recently, the Company is supporting various sports federations, including the gymnastics, swimming, football, triathlon, badminton, canoeing, rugby, handball and field hockey federations. In addition, five new women's federations were added to those already receiving the Company's support: athletics, karate, boxing, table tennis and ice sports.

These sporting disciplines were selected on account of the extraordinary level of success achieved, the high participation rate, the existence of schemes to promote sport at the grassroots level and other social projects. With this initiative, Iberdrola has placed itself at the forefront of women's sport and is helping promote a source of positive values for a healthier, more equal and fairer society.