"Now the real task begins: to fulfil our commitment to future generations with specific actions"

Under the title “The summit begins today”, the newspaper El País has published an opinion piece by the chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, after COP26 in Glasgow, in which he argues that "now the real task begins: to take on our obligation towards future generations with specific actions”.

Here are some of the ideas which Galán puts forward:

  • Limiting global warming to 1.5°C "could be achieved as early as the next decade", "because the world has all the technologies, social consensus and financial resources necessary for the energy transition". To achieve this, there is an “urgent need for action” as otherwise we will be stuck with “big words but little progress”.
  • “The diagnosis is clear: the use of fossil fuels is driving us to the edge of the abyss”, he says, calling for “a decisive turnaround in energy policy this decade because this is what society is demanding and because there is no Planet B”. To this end, he calls for “a clear long-term vision for the legislative or administrative changes that will be needed”.
  • “The planet that hosts us is finite and closed”, warns Ignacio Galán, who anticipates “a new way of being and being in the world; a new way of relating to the environment and to each other” and he urges us to “challenge received wisdom” so that we “fulfil the needs of future generations and of the history of humanity itself”, he concludes.
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