Ignacio Galán insists "massive electrification with more renewables" is the solution to climate change

Iberdrola Group chairman Ignacio Galán has once again issued a call to "turn words into action" to fight the climate emergency during his speech given at the forum entitled  Electrify Now: which role for electrification in the European Green Deal?), which was organised by the Alliance for Electrification and involved the main CEOs of the European energy group.

Galán underlined the following ideas:

  • Climate change requires more than just protecting the environment: "The planet will survive, what will not survive is humankind", he said, insisting that, although progress has been made, "we have no time to waste".
  • "The solution is massive electrification with more renewables", accompanied by reliable networks that will permit the decarbonisation of sectors like transport and heating.
  • He urged governments to promote electrification as "a great opportunity not only for decarbonisation, but also to improve efficacy and competitiveness while creating millions of new jobs" and he insisted that "we must not be afraid of change".
  • It is necessary to "speed up investments in renewables, networks and storage; reduce taxes and apply the 'polluter pays' principle; while reserving regulated prices for only the most vulnerable customers and using income from CO2 emissions rights to help those suffering the consequences of the energy transition".