Convened for 18 June, it will be held remotely and, for the sixth consecutive year, it has been certified as a sustainable event by Aenor


Iberdrola, the first Ibex 35 company to allow its shareholders to vote at the General Shareholders' Meeting using a QR code

  • In line with its commitment to digitalisation, it is also the first company in the index to enable WhatsApp as a channel for shareholder participation in the General Meeting
  • Shareholders will also be able to exercise their right to vote by email, free telephone, post or in an ad hoc space on the corporate website In addition, queries can be resolved through AVA, the virtual shareholder assistant that will continue post-Meeting
  • Climate action will be a priority issue at the meeting, on which the company's shareholders will also be consulted in a vote

Iberdrola has strengthened its dialogue channels with its more than 600,000 shareholders to promote their involvement in the company's most important decisions, using digital tools. Therefore, Iberdrola is the first Ibex 35 company to allow its shareholders to exercise their voting and proxy rights using a QR code, therefore establishing a direct, easy and highly efficient interaction.

To participate in the General Meeting through this technology, shareholders who have received their proxy and remote voting card with QR code -either directly from the company or through a depositary entity- can scan the code with their mobile phone and, after entering their ID card, directly exercise their voting rights electronically.

Iberdrola's 2021 General Shareholders' Meeting, convened for 18 June, will be held remotely, as was the case last year, so the company has continued this year to strengthen its channels to encourage participation by its shareholders.

Including by WhatsApp, web, Shareholders' Club and email

In addition to the QR code, Iberdrola is also the first Ibex 35 company to allow its shareholders to vote or delegate their vote by WhatsApp. To do so, shareholders will have to send an image of their signed proxy and remote voting card to mobile phone 0034 639 000 639 - if they have received it from Iberdrola - or an image of the card sent to them by the depositary.

Holders of Iberdrola shares can also cast their vote on If they have received the card from the depositary, they can enter the portal with their electronic identity certificate or with their share number or their OLA Shareholder's Club password. In addition, the email address has been set up for shareholders who prefer to use this channel to send their signed cards.

In addition, other channels are maintained for shareholders to exercise their voting and proxy rights, such as by telephone, calling the free-phone number 900 100 019, or by post, sending their original signed proxy card to PO Box 1.113, 48080 Bilbao.

Shareholders can always download their proxy and absentee voting card from the Shareholders' Meeting Participation Portal. To answer any questions, Iberdrola has had an Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) since 2018, which has been improved this year and which will also remain operational this year after the GSM.

All shareholders wishing to participate must do so through one of the above-mentioned channels before 24:00 on 17 June, the day before the General Meeting.

In addition, those who wish to attend the Meeting remotely will have to pre-register on the Participation Portal between 13 June and 09:00 on 18 June. Once pre-registration has been confirmed, they will be able to attend the Meeting by registering on the participation portal between 09:00 and 10:00 on 18 June.

Iberdrola's General Shareholders' Meeting has been certified for the sixth consecutive year as a sustainable event by Aenor.

Climate action, a priority

At this Shareholders' Meeting, climate action will be a priority issue on which the company's shareholders will also be consulted through a vote. They are being consulted on the content of the company's climate policy, and also, in a pioneering move, the reform of the Articles of Association is being submitted for their approval, making the members of the Board of Directors responsible for the approval, supervision and periodic reporting on a climate action plan that will enable Iberdrola to achieve global climate neutrality by 2050. This amendment strengthens climate governance as a responsibility and commitment of the Board.

Therefore, the group's highest management body will become directly involved in the fight against climate change, in line with its commitment to achieving zero net emissions by 2050 or sooner. It will also set intermediate targets for reducing direct and indirect emissions and establish science-based objectives aligned with those in the Paris agreement, setting a strategy and investment policy consistent with emissions objectives and defining methodologies for evaluating compliance. Once the new measures are approved, the Board of Directors will be responsible for approving and updating the climate action plan, and for issuing annual climate management reports as of next year.

OLA Shareholders' Club

Hosted on the website is the OLA Shareholders's Club, an interactive system that represents a further step in the channel of direct and permanent dialogue that Iberdrola maintains with its shareholders.

By registering with this club, shareholders can participate in special leisure activities, events, competitions, etc. They can also make any queries of interest publicly or confidentially, access the most frequently asked questions and answers on various topics and, as of the call for the General Shareholders' Meeting, exercise their rights to information, representation and remote voting, as well as view the meeting live.

Investor relations app

Iberdrola was the first Ibex 35 company to have a specific mobile application for investors and shareholders: Iberdrola Investor Relations.

Through it, investors can consult all the relevant information on the company's economic and financial performance from their mobile devices. Investors can also use this application to follow Iberdrola's results presentations and the General Shareholders' Meeting via webcast. The movement in the share price is also provided in real time, as well as access to stock price charts.

Shareholders’ Office

The primary objective of the Shareholders' Office is to serve as an open, permanent, and transparent channel for communication with all Iberdrola shareholders, continuously implementing initiatives aimed at strengthening this relationship and allowing shareholders to be permanently informed and to be able to make proposals regarding the management of the company.

The Shareholders' Office is therefore able to respond, at all times and on a permanent basis, to shareholders' queries, questions or suggestions, through a free telephone helpline and an email address (, keeping in contact with shareholders voluntarily registered on its database.

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