Following its incorporation as a 'protector member' of the national art gallery

  • The Chairman of IBERDROLA, Ignacio Galán, the Chairman of the IBERDROLA Foundation, Manuel Marín, the Chairman of the Museum's Royal Board of Trustees, Plácido Arango, and its Director, Miguel Zugaza, entered into an agreement this morning 
  • The institution is to contribute 300,000 euros per year to this initiative and as part of its programme of grants to support Master's and Doctorate degree studies, it will be offering two scholarships for research on restoration 
The IBERDROLA Foundation and the National Prado Museum have entered an agreement whereby the institution has become a sponsor of the gallery's Restoration Programme, which is internationally acknowledged for its prestige. The collaboration agreement was signed this morning by the Chairman of IBERDROLA and Founding Trustee of the Foundation, Ignacio Galán, the Chairman of the IBERDROLA Foundation, Manuel Marín, the Chairman of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum, Plácido Arango, and its Director, Miguel Zugaza.

Under this agreement, the IBERDROLA Foundation has been granted the status of 'Protector of the Prado Museum' and it undertakes to support the various initiatives organised by the gallery, with the focus being its backing of the museum's conservation and restoration programme. As part of its plan to provide grants for Master's and Doctorate degree studies, the Foundation is also to grant two scholarships for research on restoration in its next call for applications, enabling the beneficiaries to enhance their training at the Prado's Restoration Workshop.

The institution has earmarked 300,000 euros for this purpose and the agreement will last for one year, with the possibility of automatic renewal if neither party expresses disagreement in this regard.

Speaking at the signing, Ignacio Galán highlighted that "throughout its over 100 years of history, IBERDROLA has always been committed to art and culture and to promoting and disseminating the latter, in the conviction that they are among the most important of human legacies, to be safeguarded and passed on in the best possible condition to the coming generations".

The Chairman of IBERDROLA went on to say that through the IBERDROLA Foundation, the company was taking another step towards attaining this objective, by creating a strong bond of commitment to this Museum. This would enable the company to play an active role in the Prado's Restoration Programme, as well as in various other exhibitions and other initiatives to be decided in the coming months.

The signing of the agreement was followed by the presentation of Albrecht Dürer's (1471 - 1528) panels Adam and Eve (1507) in a special installation, the first project to have been carried out with the support of the IBERDROLA Foundation. Both of these works will be exhibited to the public for a four-month period, in a special assembly designed to show visitors the details of the two years of intense restoration work carried out on their pictorial layers and supporting materials. Adam and Eve are two of the main masterpieces in the pictorial collection of art by Dürer, the foremost artist of the German Renaissance.

About the Prado National Museum

One of the most significant roles of the Prado National Museum is to guarantee the protection and conservation of the Spanish Historical Heritage properties assigned to it. Most of this work is done by the Museum's Restoration Area, which consists of 31 experts from different interdisciplinary departments that work together on preventive conservation, study and analysis and when, necessary on the restoration of the works of art.

The Museum's Plan of Action for 2009-2012 contemplates the restoration of several masterpieces, including for example Dürer's Adam and Eve, which were presented this morning, or Raphael's Christ Falling on the Way to Calvary, on which restoration work is currently underway.

About the IBERDROLA Foundation

The IBERDROLA Foundation, with Ignacio Galán as its Founding Trustee and Manuel Marín in the role of Chairman, focuses its activity in three main spheres of action: progress towards a sustainable energy model, cultural development in the countries where IBERDROLA operates and cooperation towards development and solidarity.

The Foundation is also involved in various projects for the conservation of historic-artistic heritage. Some of the highlights among these are the Atlantic Romanesque Heritage Restoration Programme recently entered into with the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and the Regional Government of Castile and Léon, which aims to restore 33 Romanesque temples located in the vicinity of the rivers Duero and Támega, or the financing and design of the lighting used on unique buildings in our heritage, such as the interior of the Church at Yuso Monastery (La Rioja) or the Basilica of the Royal Monastery of El Escorial (Madrid).