IBERDROLA in collaboration with the ADECCO Foundation endorses the Family Plan to promote the integration of people with disabilities

The programme is aimed at family members of Iberdrola employees
  • Some 38 family members of company employees have benefited from the Family Plan since it was set in motion by IBERDOLA.
  • The Adecco Foundation will monitor the individual and personal progress of all programme participants, adapting its activities to their needs.
IBERDROLA has signed a collaboration agreement with the Adecco Foundation to promote the integration of people with disabilities within the framework of the company’s Family Plan. The programme’s aim is to carry out joint action to promote the integration in society and the workplace of Iberdrola employee family members with disabilities.

Beneficiaries of the Plan are immediate family members (parents, children and spouses) with a certified level of disability of 33% or over. The programme’s purpose is to improve this social group’s access to the labour market to obtain employment.

The Adecco Foundation will monitor the individual and personal progress of all of the programme’s participants, adapting its activities to their needs. The programme also includes tailor-made measures such as alternative diagnoses, treatments and training as well as job counselling and intermediation. This personalised treatment allows people with disabilities to acquire the necessary skills and aptitudes to increase their independence, thereby allowing them to begin to actively seek work.

These objectives form part of the partnership agreement signed by IBERDROLA and the Adecco Foundation in October 2008. In barely four months, 38 people have benefitted from the Family Plan with one person already in employment having secured job suited to their abilities.

This programme adheres to IBERDOLA’s commitment to constant improvement as a Family Responsible Company dedicated to reconciling family life with professional life and improving the quality of life of its employees.

About Foundation Adecco

The Adecco Foundation was founded in June 1999 to assist those with personal disadvantages to find employment. The foundation is supported by the Adecco Group which comprises seven different specialised human-resources companies in Spain with 350 offices nationwide. Adecco Foundation’s labour integration activity currently includes programmes for the over-45s, people with disabilities, single-parent families, victims of gender-based violence as well as current and former sports personalities.


Reconciling professional and family life is key for IBERDROLA. IBERDROLA was the first Ibex 35 company to introduce the continuous working day and the first power company to obtain the Family Friendly Company certificate awarded by Fundación + Familia.

IBERDROLA’s commitment to the social and labour market integration of people with disabilities is a key aspect of the company's day-to-day operations. In addition to its Family Plan, IBERDROLA also has a wide-ranging Corporate Volunteer programme which is in line with its values where partnership in all aspects related to disability stands out. The company also takes part in other initiatives such as support for paralympic sportsmen and women through training and employment grants as one of the sponsors of the ADOP Plan.

Its suppliers also have Special Employment Centres which employ people with physical, psychical or sensory disabilities.

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