In the wake of information published this week


Iberdrola launches a new investigation to clarify its links with CENYT

In light of news stories published in the media this week regarding the relationship between Iberdrola and Centro Exclusivo de Negocios y Transacciones (CENYT), a company linked to former police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, the company has decided to launch a further, in-depth internal investigation.

A thorough analysis of the new information revealed, which was previously unknown to Iberdrola, will establish the credibility of the information and whether the company’s Code of Ethics has been breached.

If the investigation reveals that Iberdrola's control procedures have been infringed, the company will take the necessary measures in accordance with the established procedures.

It should be remembered that since the initial publication of information linking Iberdrola and CENYT, the company has conducted two internal investigations, one in November 2018 and the other in July 2019.

Both established that a total of 17 regular services were engaged by the Corporate Security Division between the 2004 and 2017 financial years; and that Iberdrola had correctly purchased and paid for the services, having applied all internal checks and procedures.