Iberdrola leads the world in wind energy with more than 15,000 wind turbines in 400 farms

•    The group currently has 20,700 MW of installed wind power and a further 4,000 MW under construction

•    Iberdrola also has a wind power project portfolio of more than 43,000 MW, 67% of which will be offshore developments

•    The company's investments to increase its wind power capacity could reach 15 billion euros by 2025

Iberdrola has consolidated its position as the world's leading wind energy company, with more than 15,000 wind turbines in operation at 415 sites in 14 countries. The company thus reaffirms its leadership in the sector, with 20,700 megawatts (MW) in operation and an additional 4,000 MW under construction. 

The company is strengthening its commitment to wind energy with onshore and offshore wind projects currently under construction in around ten countries. In the period 2022-2025 alone, the group plans to invest between 12 and 15 billion euros in new wind power capacity.

When the initiatives under development come on stream, the company will have an installed wind power capacity capable of supplying clean energy to the equivalent of more than 12 million people and will avoid the emission of some 43 million tonnes of CO2.

Iberdrola currently manages wind farms on three continents, the vast majority of which are onshore facilities. The United States is the country with the most generation from this renewable resource, with 8,000 MW, 41% of the total. It is followed by Spain, which, with 6,100 MW in operation, accounts for 31% of the group's wind power capacity, and the United Kingdom, with 2,000 MW (10%).

In offshore wind, Iberdrola already has three large offshore complexes in operation: East Anglia ONE and West of Duddon Sands in the UK (more than 1,100 MW combined) and Wikinger (350 MW) in Germany.

Growing commitment to offshore technology

Just as the Iberdrola group pioneered the development of onshore wind power more than two decades ago, the company is now leading the development of offshore wind power, one of the keys to the company's growth, on which it began its commitment 15 years ago. 

Of the 4,000 MW currently under construction, more than 2,500 MW (65%) are offshore projects. Among them, Vineyard Wind 1 (806 MW), which will be the first commercial-scale wind farm in the United States. In the US, the company is also developing Park City Wind (804 MW). 

In Europe, the group has two major offshore projects under development: Baltic Eagle (476 MW) in Germany - which will form part of the largest offshore wind hub in the Baltic Sea with 1,100 MW - and Saint-Brieuc (500 MW) in Brittany, France.

The commitment to offshore wind will be strengthened in the coming years. To this end, Iberdrola has a project portfolio of more than 43,000 MW, of which almost 30,000 MW - 67% of the total - correspond to offshore developments. In this way, the group confirms its global leadership in this technology.

Focused on countries with ambitious renewable targets, the company has projects in Germany, Japan, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, Taiwan and the Philippines with a combined capacity of 15,300 MW. It also has initiatives in the United States, with 3,700 MW, and the United Kingdom, with more than 10,000 MW.

The greater international contribution is also reflected in the portfolio of onshore initiatives. The company plans to develop new projects in countries with more climate action and more stable regulatory frameworks, such as the United States - with 2,500 MW onshore in its portfolio -, the United Kingdom - 2,600 MW - and other geographical areas, with 4,800 MW.  In Spain, the company's portfolio totals 1,100 MW.

The Iberdrola group's pioneering commitment to a sustainable growth strategy based on promoting the electrification of the economy through investment in renewable energies, electricity grids and energy storage has enabled it to become a global energy leader, the first in its sector in Europe, with a capitalisation of around 65 billion euros.