The electricity company is forging new alliances under its sustainable mobility strategy, which includes installing 150,000 charging points within five years


Iberdrola and Mazda have signed a collaboration agreement to encourage electric mobility with the launch of the Mazda MX-30

  • Mazda MX-30 owners will get a free home charging point and the opportunity to sign up for the Iberdrola Electric Vehicle Plan, enabling them to charge their car batteries for €0.5 per 100 km with 100% renewable energy
  • The manufacturer’s official dealerships can also install Iberdrola rapid charging points

Mazda Automóviles España has entered into an agreement with Iberdrola to supply charging points for electric vehicles and associated services. The agreement has been signed prior to the launch of the Mazda MX-30 and benefits owners of the new vehicle and official dealerships. It is also a step forward in Iberdrola’s strategy to find partners to help encourage sustainable mobility.

The agreement between the two companies will allow Mazda, as part of the launch of its MX-30, to offer a recharge point completely free of charge to customers who purchase the new 100% electric model from the Hiroshima-based manufacturer. The 7.4kW Wallbox Pulsar Plus will be supplied by Iberdrola, which will also offer its energy and digital solutions. Iberdrola’s Electric Vehicle Plan charges vehicles at a cost of €0.5/100km with 100 % renewable energy, both at home and away, using the infrastructure available on public roads, which the company is installing on the main national motorways and corridors.

Electric vehicle drivers using Iberdrola charging points can charge their electric vehicles with 100 % green energy from clean generation sources with renewable Guarantee of Origin (GoO) certificates.

Official Mazda dealerships will also benefit from the agreement, enjoying preferential conditions for charging point installation by Iberdrola on their sites and offering their electric vehicle customers a stand-out service.

Last week, Mazda announced that it has started production of new Mazda MX-30 in Japan. which will be on the European market in the autumn of next year. This is the first 100% electric model from the Hiroshima-based manufacturer, created to cover growing demand for electric vehicles from Europeans who care about the environment.


Iberdrola speeds up electric mobility: greater investment

Electrifying transport is part of the company’s strategy to decarbonise the economy with renewable energies and smart networks. In March, it decided to boost its sustainable mobility plan by allocating further investment — a total of 150 million euros — to streamline the deployment of electric vehicle recharging points over the next five years.

The new sustainable mobility plan entails installing around 150,000 electric vehicle charging points in homes, companies and urban areas, in cities as well as on the main motorways and trunk roads over the next five years.

Mazda works with a range of clean technologies that suit the needs of customers and their mobility, renewing the fleet and taking heavily polluting vehicles off the road.

Under the original "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom" vision announced in 2007, Mazda expects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for which the company is directly responsible throughout the process by an average of 50% from 2010 levels by 2030, and 90% by 2050.

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