Iberdrola and Porsche join forces to promote the ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles in Spain

  • The energy company will install 35 Premium charging stations, to be known as the Porsche Iberdrola High Power Charging Network, over two years, featuring the most powerful 150 kW and 350 kW chargers on the market, compatible with the Porsche Taycan
  • Iberdrola is making further advances through the implementation of its sustainable mobility plan, which the installation of 150,000 electric chargers in homes, companies and on the public road network over the next five years

Iberdrola and Porsche have decided to join forces to push forward the electrification of transport, with a collaboration agreement to promote the deployment of ultra-fast charging in Spain.

This agreement will see Iberdrola install 35 Premium stations, to be known as the Porsche Iberdrola High Power Charging Network, featuring the most powerful 150 kW and 350 kW chargers on the market which are compatible with Porsche Taycan vehicles.

Twenty of the stations will be operational next year, with the rest coming on-stream in 2022. Each of the Porsche Iberdrola High Power Charging Network stations will have between six and eight chargers, two with up to 350 kW of power and the rest between 150 kW and 50 kW. A Porsche Taycan will therefore be able to charge 80% of its battery capacity in just over twenty minutes. In only 5 minutes, it will have enough extra power to travel a further 100 kilometres.

Porsche customers can charge their electric vehicles at these stations with 100% green energy from clean generation sources with renewable Guarantee of Origin (GoO) certificates.

The partnership between the two companies to promote sustainable mobility will allow Porsche customers to enjoy 6 months of free charging, not only at the new Premium stations, but also at the network of charging points on public roads that Iberdrola is rolling out across Spain.

“The agreement shows the ambition of our transport electrification strategy and confirms the need to continue to collaborate with all actors in the sector to meet the challenges of mobility based on clean energy and zero CO2 emissions”, explained Raquel Blanco, global head of Iberdrola’s Smart Mobility. “This partnership with Porsche Ibérica also puts us in a privileged position to offer ultra-fast charging solutions”.

“At Porsche we are once again demonstrating our commitment to electric mobility”, said Tomás Villén, CEO of Porsche Ibérica. “We want to lead this transition process, contributing directly to the development of infrastructures. A few years ago, we reached an agreement with other manufacturers to set up Ionity, the largest European fast-charging network, which is growing every year. Now, as a result of this collaboration with Iberdrola, we are going to provide Spain's main inter-city roads with enough charging points to ensure that long-distance trips are not an inconvenience in an electric car.”

The electric charging points of the Porsche Iberdrola High Power Charging Network stations will be available on the ‘Recarga Pública Iberdrola’ mobile App, the only App that includes verified information on all the electric vehicle charging stations operational in Spain, both Iberdrola’s and those of other operators too. With this App you can geolocate the charger and reserve and pay from your mobile.

Electric mobility and green recovery

Iberdrola continues its commitment to the electrification of transport in its transition strategy towards a decarbonised economy, as a key way of reducing emissions and pollution and ensuring the green recovery.

The company is implementing a sustainable mobility plan, with an investment of 150 million euros, resulting in an increased roll-out of charging points for electric vehicles over the coming years.

The initiative will see the installation of around 150,000 charge points in homes, companies and on the public road network in cities as well as on the main motorways and highways over the next five years. The commitment to deploying high efficiency charging points will include the company installing ultra-rapid (350 kW) charging points every 200 kilometres, super-rapid points (150 kW) every 100 kilometres, and rapid (50 kW) points every 50 kilometres.

The company has recently become the first Spanish business to subscribe to The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, with the aim of accelerating the transition towards electric vehicles with a commitment to electrifying its entire fleet of vehicles, allowing its staff to charge their vehicles at its outlets in Spain and the United Kingdom by 2030.




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