The group aims to promote women's participation in all sports


Iberdrola and the Real Federación Española de Balonmano (Spanish Handball Association) start the selection procedure for the Guerreras Iberdrola team

  • Both entities have been working since last November through an agreement that is part of the Universo Mujer (Women's World) initiative, which Iberdrola is the main driving force behind

Iberdrola and Real Federación Española de Balonmano today started the selection procedure for the Guerreras Iberdrola starting line-up, which will play in the 2017 All-Star Match on 16 June at 6:30pm at the Pabellón Municipal de Torrevieja (Alicante). A team from the Women's National Handball Team, known as the Guerreras (Warriors), will meet the Guerreras Iberdrola team.

The Real Federación Española de Balonmano offers all fans of the Women's Handball League the chance to select the Guerreras Iberdrola starting line-up.

To do this, the Real Federación's coaching staff have drawn up a list of thirty-five of the best top-class players aiming to be on the starting line-up of the team managed by Susana Pareja and Abel Estébez, the coaches of the Guerreras Iberdrola team, in the 2017 All-Star Match.

It's very easy to vote for a player. Just go to and navigate to the voting module. Once there, you will see the 35 players divided into positions - five in each position - so that each visitor can choose the seven starting players. The deadline for voting for the Guerreras Iberdrola starting line-up is 1 June.


Shortlisted for the ‘Guerreras Iberdrola’ team
The list of players shortlisted by the coaching staff of the Real Federación Española de Balonmano includes: 
  • Ana Temprano (Super Amara Bera Bera)
  • Estela Carrera (Mecalia Atlético Guardés)
  • Lourdes Guerra (Aula Valladolid)
  • Mercedes Castellanos (Prosetecnisa Zuazo)
  • Mihaela Ciobanu (Helvetia Alcobendas)
  • Cecilia Cacheda (Godoy Maceira Porriño)
  • María Luján (Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE)
  • Marizza Faria (Mavi Nuevas Tecnologías)
  • Silvia Arderius (Aula Valladolid)
  • Anthia Espiñeira (Mecalia Atlético Guardés)
Right back:
  • Alba Menéndez (Super Amara Bera Bera)
  • Irene Espínola (Prosetecnisa Zuazo)
  • Judith Vizuete (KH-7 Granollers)
  • Nerea Nieto (Base Villaverde)
  • Patricia Alonso (Canyamelar Valencia)
Left back:
  • Ivet Musons (Elche Mustang)
  • Laura Steinbach (KH-7 Granollers)
  • Lisandra Lusson (Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE)
  • Saray Samartín (Godoy Maceira Porriño)
  • Ana Isabel Martínez (Super Amara Bera Bera)
Right wing:
  • Ana González (Rincón Fertilidad Málaga)
  • Maitane Etxeberria (Super Amara Bera Bera)
  • Melania Falcón (Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE)
  • Paulina Pérez (KH-7 Granollers)
  • Sara Bravo (Canyamelar Valencia)
Left wing:
  • Laura Hernández (Elche Mustang)
  • Leire Aramendia (Super Amara Bera Bera)
  • Naiara Egozkue (Prosetecnisa Zuazo)
  • Sara Gil de la Vega (Godoy Maceira Porriño)
  • Tiddara Trojaola (Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE)
  • Ainhoa Hernández (Prosetecnisa Zuazo)
  • Haridian Rodríguez (Mecalia Atlético Guardés)
  • Kaba Gassama (KH-7 Granollers)
  • Paula García (Rincón Fertilidad Málaga)
  • África Sempere (Mecalia Atlético Guardés)


About the Guerreras team

Carlos Viver's Guerreras, who will take on Guerreras Iberdrola, have been listed to play in the classifying play-off for the World Championship in 2017 in Germany against Ukraine.

The list drawn up by the Spanish coach includes all his favourites, and is made up of Silvia Navarro (Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE) and Darly Zoqbi (ZRK Buducnost) as goalkeepers, Nerea Pena (FTC Rail Cargo) and Macarena Aguilar (Thüringer HC) as centres, Lara González (Team Esbjerg), Alexandrina Cabral (Rostov DON) and Marta Mangue (Brest Bretagne) as left backs, Mireya González (ERD HC) and Almudena Rodríguez (Rocasa Gran Canaria ACE) as right backs, Carmen Martín (CSM Bucuresti) and Marta López (Super Amara Bera Bera) as right wings, Jennifer Gutiérrez (Rincón Fertilidad Málaga) and Amaia González (Aula Valladolid) as left wings, Elisabet Chávez (Fleury Loiret), María Núñez (ES Besançon) and Judith Sans (Super Amara Bera Bera) as pivots.


Iberdrola, the mainstay of ‘Women, Health and Sport’

The agreement signed for women's handball in November is an addition to the agreement that led the company to become the main driving force behind Spain’s National Sports Council (CSD) Universo Mujer (Women's Universe) programme, being the first company to commit to promoting women's participation in all areas of sport.

Under the agreement with Spain’s National Sports Council (CSD), the company supports various sports federations, including gymnastics, swimming, football, triathlon, badminton, canoeing, rugby, handball and volleyball. Others may be added in the future. These sports were selected on account of the extraordinary level of success achieved in these sports, the high participation rate, the existence of schemes to promote the sports at the grass-roots level and the existence of other social projects.

Furthermore, the CSD and Iberdrola have been holding the ‘Women, Energy and Sport’ Tour, which visits different provincial capitals, including Palma de Mallorca, Bilbao, Valladolid and Madrid, to promote women's sports.