Ignacio Galán: “We need to reinforce our networks. Every dollar or pound or euro we put in will be remunerated with a fair level”

Iberdrola SA’s Chief Executive Officer Ignacio Galán has been interviewed by Reed Landberg and Rodrigo Orihuela in Madrid and today, 26th July, the interview has been published in Bloomberg.

Ignacio Galán said selling power directly to environmentally-conscious companies and running grids that earn a predictable return are at the heart of the strategy for Spain’s biggest energy supplier. Furthermore, he reckoned Iberdrola has an edge over new entrants in that business both because of the scale of its green-energy portfolio it holds and because its grid networks span Spain, Britain, Mexico, the U.S. and Brazil.

Iberdrola was the first major utility to begin investing more than $1 billion a year in wind farms starting in the last decade. By 2022, Iberdrola’s networks will absorb half of the 32 billion euros ($37 billion) it plans to invest worldwide.