"The need for companies, entrepreneurs and governments to work together to achieve the climate goals"

Iberdrola group Chairman, Ignacio Galán, took part in the Qatar Economic Forum, a digital event organised by financial media organisation Bloomberg.

He spoke during a panel discussion called "Powering Sustainability" with the Chairman and CEO of Honeywell, Darius Adamczyk, during which he highlighted:

  • The importance of collaboration between companies, entrepreneurs and governments to speed up the journey toward the energy transition and the zero-emissions target.
  • Initiatives like the European Green Deal by the European Union and the new United States administration's climate policy having rejoined the Paris agreement.
  • The significant investments that have been made in clean energy by the company over the last 20 years will allow the group to amass 100,000 MW of renewable energies by 2030.
  • The pivotal role played by major companies and entrepreneurs in providing resources and funds to support further innovation in the electricity sector.