“This centre is our flagship example of how to create and attract talent”

To mark the occasion of the inauguration of the Iberdrola Campus for Innovation and Training, Iberdrola Chairman Ignacio Galán was interviewed by the journalist Carlos Alsina for the programme Más de Uno, a leading Spanish radio feature which was broadcast from this centre.

Galán called the Campus for Innovation and Training “our flagship example of how to create and attract talent” and highlighted the presence of their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain at the opening ceremony as "a major source of pride for the entire Iberdrola family”.

The day also provided the stage for the presentation of awards to recognise “the suppliers who help us to provide a vital service, especially in such a difficult year as this has been” and also “all those who in the midst of the pandemic have helped us to get hold of medical supplies to be placed at the service of society”, he explained. In this regard, he made special reference “to our volunteers, who transformed this Campus into a logistics hub and made it possible to deliver health supplies to where they were most needed”.

Alliances for accelerating the energy transition

Ignacio Galán responded to questions from Alsina by justifying the importance of creating partnerships to speed up the energy transition. “The investments needed to turn the current economy into a green one and create an energy system based on electrification are huge”, he pointed out. In this regard, Iberdrola is contributing its “know-how, experience and capabilities” through agreements with businesses that are “committed to sustainability, equality and the environment”, with the aim of advancing this process as much as possible.

Galán also acknowledged the recent passing in Spain of the first Climate Change Law, which he classed as “great news”. In his opinion this legislation will make it possible to move towards a “cleaner, better and more efficient” country at the same time as promoting large-scale investments that will translate “into the generation of wealth and employment”.