We launch a connected energy solution that maximizes energy savings in electrified houses, in collaboration with Deloitte and running on AWS

  • The Advanced Smart Assistant is a digital platform with which the customer can take an active role in the energy transition in a simple way through the Iberdrola App.
  • It can be connected to any digital electrical solution available in the home and, using artificial intelligence, manage them automatically to improve their efficiency.

In the energy transition to a lower carbon future, Iberdrola launches the Advanced Smart Assistant, a connected energy solution that allows customers to take an active role in the energy transition. Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, with Deloitte as service provider, the digital solution allows customers to reduce smart device energy consumption by 10-30%.

Through this solution, Iberdrola’s customers can connect and control the different digital electricity solutions in their homes. The platform is designed to opt for consumption at the most economical hourly rates, adapting to the customer's energy needs, while facilitating electrification and improving the sustainability of the system by seeking the times of greatest renewable production.

The automatic Advanced Smart Assistant management has been developed at Iberdrola's Innovation Middle East Centre using AWS artificial intelligence services. The center, launched in 2016, specializes in innovative digital solutions for renewable energy integration, smart grids and energy efficiency and conservation.

For instance, with the Advanced Smart Assistant, the electric vehicle charging is designed to be automatically carried out during the hours with the lowest energy costs for the customer or the lowest emissions in the system, while maintaining user comfort. The solution also makes it possible to reduce air conditioning consumption by considering the thermal inertia of the building.

In addition, if the customer has solar panels at home, the platform intelligently manages the home's energy consumption by delaying non-urgent energy consumption to the home's peak green production hours, thus improving energy efficiency.

The Advanced Smart Assistant offers a simple experience through Iberdrola’s customer app. It also offers advanced information and recommendations, empowering consumers to have an impact on the energy transition and their own energy use.
Carlos Pascual López, head of Energy Management Solutions at Iberdrola, said: ""Iberdrola continues to focus on innovative products and services. With the Advanced Smart Assistant, we are making progress in the electrification of energy demand and increasing the energy efficiency of our customers while helping with the integration of renewable generation."

Iberdrola and Amazon recently announced a new global collaboration to support the development of large-scale renewable energy projects and leverage cloud computing technology to enhance digitalisation in the energy transition.

“Leveraging the cloud and innovative solutions like artificial intelligence, Iberdrola is democratizing data and making it more accessible to its customers,” said Howard Gefen, general manager, Energy & Utilities, AWS. “Iberdrola’s Advanced Smart Assistant delivers the data and intelligence needed to help customers address their energy consumption and reduce costs, and also play an active role in the energy transition.”

"We are very proud to participate in Iberdrola’s initiative. It’s a project with a purpose and makes sustainability convenient by automating all the energy operations at home, and making them safe and comfortable. Iberdrola’s solution is sustainable and allows the end consumer to have an active role in the energy transition,” said Alfons Buxo, Global Cloud Leader, Deloitte.

Smart Solutions, a strategic business for Iberdrola

As customers make progress in the electrification of their household energy needs, such as electric vehicles, aerothermal energy, rooftop solar with storage, etc. they can make decisions on when to use electricity while monitoring and remotely controlling their smart solutions due to their flexible and connected nature. 

Aware that the best energy for customers and for the planet is that which is not consumed, Iberdrola has launched various initiatives to help its customers reduce their energy costs while maintaining comfort in their homes and has developed various connected energy solutions to achieve greater efficiency in the use of devices. 

The development of smart solutions is one of the strategic business lines of the Iberdrola group, which through the Smart Solutions brand expects to reach 40 million contracts with customers worldwide by 2025 with services such as rooftop solar, energy storage, heat pumps and electric mobility, in addition to thermal insulation.