Personal Passwords - 2023 General Shareholders' Meeting

Request your personal passwords to participate in the Meeting

General Shareholders' Meeting

In its process of digital transformation, Iberdrola makes available to shareholders the use of a personal password system to participate in the Meeting by electronic means, and also to continue connected 365 days a year through the OLS Shareholder's Club interactive system. If you are an individual shareholder and you have shares registered in your name in the relevant book-entry register, you can receive your passwords immediately, securely and without cost by e-mail.

How to request personal passwords

You only need to fill out the request form, including the total number of shares in your name in the book-entry register, adding together those deposited in individual accounts, in any shared account and in those for which you are acting as the legal representative of another individual. After verifying that you are a shareholder, the Company will send the personal passwords to your e-mail address, and you can start using them immediately.

These are the steps:

1. Complete the request form online, making sure that the data you provide are correct. 2. You will inmediatelly receive an e-mail with your passwords. 3. You can already use your personal passwords in the participation portal.

Access the Personal Password Request application for online participation

Shareholders who have already obtained their personal passwords in prior years can use them again at this Meeting, without having to request them again.

What the passwords are used for

The personal passwords are used to verify the identity of the shareholders in the following applications available in the Participation at the Meeting section of this website:

Participation Portal Delegar, votar antes de la Junta y asistir de forma telemática.

Comprobar que las instrucciones de voto han sido correctamente registradas.
Requests for Information Exercise the right to receive information prior to the General Shareholders' Meeting
Electronic Shareholders' Forum Request the publication of the communications provided for by law and the Governance and Sustainability System
OLS Shareholder's Club Receive polls and stay in contact 365 days per year


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