The company has allocated 32 billion euros to the construction of a clean energy plant that will prevent the emission of 12,300 t CO2/year


Castile and León has become the front runner in the green energy race thanks to Iberdrola's first photovoltaic plant

  • Work is starting in Burgos to install more than 145,300 photovoltaic panels for the project, which has a significant local component and will employ 250 people
  • The 50 MW Revilla-Valljera plant in Burgos will produce enough clean energy to supply a population equivalent to 26,000 households/year
  • Iberdrola's investment plan in Castile and León will lead to the installation of 1,800 MW of green power in the coming years to help fight climate change and create jobs and wealth in the region


Iberdrola has started assembling more than 145,300 panels - each with 345 Wp -in Castile and León's first-ever photovoltaic project. The facility will cement the company's leadership in renewables in this region, where it is already operating more than 5,100 MW, making this the autonomous region where the company has installed the most 'green' megawatts.

The 50-MW Revilla-Vallejera plant will be built in the Burgos municipality of the same name, Villamedianilla and Velljera, and will produce enough clean energy to supply a population equivalent to 26,000 homes/year. What's more, it will avoid emissions of 12,300 tonnes of CO2 per year with an investment of 32 million euros.

This plant will have a significant local component, benefiting local suppliers and, at peak times during the construction process, employing up to 250 workers, until it is commissioned in 2022. As well as purchasing and installing the panels, an underground power line will be laid to carry the power generated by the plant and the evacuation transformer substation will be extended.

Castile and León, epicentre of renewable developments

This project is further evidence of Iberdrola's commitment to Castile and León, which is already a leading renewable development centre in the company's investment cycle to 2025.

Iberdrola's photovoltaic portfolio in the region will be completed by the more than 1,000 MW it has in the pipeline, distributed, as well as in Burgos (Ballestas), in Salamanca (Villarino), Segovia (Otero) and Palencia (Velilla).

In the province of Burgos alone, the company has recently built and developed more than 550 MW in projects like the Herrara II wind farm, with the most powerful wind turbines ever installed in Spain (63 MW); Ballestas and Casetona (69 MW), Fuenteblanca (10 MW), Buniel (114 MW), Valdemoro (50 MW), Iglesias (94 MW) and Alcocero de Mola (102 MW), and two hybrid photovoltaic plants in the pipeine in Ballestas and Casetona (69 MW).

Pioneers in the energy transition

Iberdrola's investment plan in Castile and León foresees the installation of 1,800 MW of green production in the coming years, progressing with its sustainability strategy based on electrifying the economy and fighting climate change while creating wealth and jobs in the communities where it operates.

The company is a leader in green, sustainable financing, with 35.8 million euros and is the global leader in green bond emissions. Its CO2 emissions as of September have been reduced to 53 g/kWh and it maintains its goal of becoming an emission-neutral company by 2030 in Europe.

In the last two decades, the company has invested 120 billion euros in renewable energies, smart grids and energy storage. An investment plan to 2030 worth 150 billion euros will triple its renewable capacity to almost 100,000 MW.

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