Iberdrola awards transition pieces contract to Windar Renovables for Windanker offshore wind farm

  • The installation will have a total of 21 transition pieces that will be manufactured at Windar's facilities in Avilés.
  • The implementation of the project will start in November 2024 and will run until summer 2025, requiring more than 450,000 working hours.

Windar Renovables has signed an agreement with Iberdrola to manufacture 21 transition pieces for the Windanker offshore wind farm in German waters. This is the sixth project of this type of foundation to date.

Production will be carried out at the Avilés facilities, with the collaboration of a large number of Spanish suppliers in the manufacture of the secondary structure, which will be integrated in the Port of Avilés, prior to its shipment to Germany.

The manufacture of the 21 pieces will require more than 450,000 working hours and will generate 400 jobs. Production is scheduled to begin in late 2024, with deliveries expected to take until around the end of summer 2025. Each of these elements will have a maximum height of 17 metres, a diameter of 8 metres and weigh 400 tonnes. 

Windanker, which will be located in German waters, will have a capacity of 315 megawatts (MW), incorporating new generation turbines with a unit capacity of approximately 15 MW, and part of the electricity generated will be allocated to power sales contracts once it is commissioned in 2026. 

Windanker will reinforce the Baltic Hub, which will add more than 1,100 MW of installed capacity, also comprising the projects already built by Windar, Wikinger and Baltic Eagle.

With this new contract, Windar positions itself as a leader in the manufacture of these offshore substructures and strengthens its relationship with Iberdrola for more than 9 years, adding to the contracts previously awarded for offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the United States.

Windar Renovables is also currently involved in the manufacture of this type of substructure for other large Iberdrola offshore wind farms. Baltic Eagle, in German waters, whose last shipment took place last June (50 pieces), Vineyard Wind I (62 pieces) off the coast of Massachusetts, United States, and East Anglia 3, United Kingdom (95 pieces).

For Orlando Alonso, CEO of Windar Renovables, "the new order from Iberdrola highlights the high level of quality of our products and the reliability of our processes. It also confirms our forecasts that we expect a strong increase in activity in the sector, for which Windar Renovables is reinforcing its corporate structure and is working to increase its capabilities to respond to this challenge and continue to deserve the trust of such important customers".