Iberdrola allows its customers to choose which renewable project their green energy consumption will be sourced from

  • They can buy energy by selecting a 100% renewable project with a Guarantee of Origin certificate, while knowing in advance the overall cost
  • You can make your selection by type of energy source, project location or the number of homes being supplied

Iberdrola has expanded the options for choosing how and when to use electricity, to enable their customers to select the source of the green energy they consume.

In a pioneering role in Spain, Energy Wallet offers the option of selecting the renewable energy plant – windfarm or hydroelectric power station – where you want your electricity supply to be generated.

The energy produced by such plants is 100% renewable and comes with Guarantees of Origin (GdO, Garantías de Origen), issued by the National Commission for Financial Markets and Competition (CNMC). What's more, the traceability process right up to installation will be certified by the independent accrediting organisation AENOR.

“This initiative places the consumer right at the heart of technological innovation and goes some way to making them part of the changeover to a clean and sustainable energy model,” explains Raquel Blanco, Smart Solutions director at Iberdrola.


Online selection of the renewable energy plant and benefits
for the environment

Right now there are twelve renewable energy plants to choose from when buying renewable energy bundles, including the windfarms at Dueñas, in Palencia; Venzo, in Cadiz; Savalla, in Tarragona; Nogueira, in Orense; and Esparta-l, in Zaragoza; as well as the hydrolectric power plants at Tranco del Lobo and Bosque, in Albacete; Soto Albúrez, in Palencia; Norias, in La Rioja; Portlux, in Valencia; Palomarejo, in Toledo and Labastida, in Álava.

On the Iberdrola website, the customer can identify the type of renewable energy plant, its name, location, the CO2 emissions it avoids emitting and the energy previously ordered by customers.


Green energy bundles at an agreed price

Energy Wallet is a solution that offers the option of buying renewable energy bundles for periods of six months, one year or two years, letting you know in advance the overall cost of the energy supplied. You can also pay a fixed monthly fee, depending on your actual monthly consumption, or upfront, an option with discounts of up to 15%.

Energy Wallet is a 100% digital solution that can be managed using the App or the Iberdrola website. It lets you know how much energy you have consumed, as well as the estimated time left for available energy, and lets you manage the package agreed.

The application includes an energy advisor, so you have more control over your consumption, and it can also incorporate other commodities, so they can be managed as one.


Intelligent solutions adapted to consumer habits

Energy Wallet forms part of the intelligent solutions that Iberdrola offers any customer who wishes to choose how and when they consume electricity, geared to how they live and their decision to take a hand in creating a sustainable environment.

These smart solutions, all powered by 100% renewable energy, are designed to meet the latest needs of sustainable mobility [Iberdrola Smart Mobility], own consumption [Iberdrola Smart Solar] and managing and controlling home devices [Iberdrola Smart Home].

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