The company is stepping up investments in the region, where it has another facility pending - Puertollano II - which totals 100 MW of capacity


Iberdrola begins construction of 150 photovoltaic MW in Castilla-La Mancha

  • The Barcience, Romeral and Olmedilla projects will involve 570 workers in their development
  • With 2,229 renewable MW, mainly of wind power, Castile-La Mancha becomes the third region with the most "green" power installed by the group in Spain.

Iberdrola is stepping up its renewables strategy in Castile-La Mancha with the commencement of construction of three photovoltaic projects in the region, totalling 150 MW: Barcience, which is in the municipality of Bargas in Toledo; and El Romeral and Olmedilla, in the province of Cuenca.

The projects have a high local component, since they will be constructed by companies with a strong presence in the area, including Eiffage, involving up to 570 workers.

The Barcience plant (50 MW) will have 144,900 modules and on completion will produce clean energy for a population equivalent to 24,700 households/year, avoiding 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per year.

In Cuenca, Romeral (50 MW) will have 144,900 modules and will be built between Alarcón and Olmedilla de Alarcón. Olmedilla (50 MW) will have 135,090 modules and will be installed in the municipalities of Valdeverdejo, Alarcón and Olmedilla de Alarcón.

Once these two plants come into operation - scheduled for this year - they will produce clean energy for a population equivalent to 24,500 households/year, in the case of Romeral, and almost 30,000 households/year, for Olmedilla. Romeral will avoid 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and Olmedilla 18,000 tonnes CO2/year.

In Castilla-La Mancha, Iberdrola is working on another 100 MW photovoltaic project in Ciudad Real.

Puertollano II will become the testing site for ground-breaking technologies such as green hydrogen. With an investment of €150m, Iberdrola will be developing Europe's biggest green hydrogen plant for industrial use.

This will involve the construction of a photovoltaic plant (100 MW), a battery installation and a system for producing green H2 by electrolysis from 100% renewable sources. Its development and construction will create 700 jobs and, once operational, will avoid 39,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Accelerated investments to contribute towards the green recovery

Iberdrola is stepping up its renewable investments in Spain, with the conviction that electrification will be the mechanism for economic activity and job revival.

The company will make record investments of €10bn this year into renewable energy, smart electricity grids and large-scale storage systems - twice the amount invested in the last five years - after having spent €100 bn since 2001 worldwide; €25 bn of which was in Spain.

In Castile-La Mancha, the company operates 2,229 MW of renewable energy, mainly wind power, which makes it the third autonomous community with the highest ‘green’ megawatts installed by Iberdrola.

Iberdrola is the leader in renewable energies in Spain, with installed wind capacity of more than 6,000 MW and over 16,600 MW in renewables. Worldwide, the total amounts to 32,700 MW, making its generation facilities among the cleanest in the energy sector.

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