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The Bridgestone Group Company is continuing with its commitment to sustainable mobility and, thanks to this agreement, will allow the installation of more than 50 charge points

Iberdrola and First Stop join forces to roll out a public electricity recharging network in Spain and Portugal

  • It will include ultra fast (350kW), super fast (150kW) fast (50kW) and semi-fast (22kW) charge points, all of which users can find on Iberdrola's Public Recharging App
  • Iberdrola continues moving full speed ahead with its sustainable mobility plan, which entails installing 150,000 electric chargers in homes, companies and on the public road network
  • First Stop is the only auto garage network to have an electrical map showing 100 charge points in the main Spanish provinces for providing electrical coverage

Iberdrola and First Stop, the Bridgestone Group's auto garage network specialising in a comprehensive tyre and maintenance service, are joining forces to speed up the deployment of the sustainable recharging infrastructure. The two companies have announced a partnership for deploying a public network of more than 50 charge points for electric vehicles along Spain and Portugal's principal roads before the end of this year. Currently, fourteen charging stations distributed across six Autonomous Communities are at an advanced stage of development.

The agreement includes the installation of ultra-fast (350kW), super-fast (150kW) fast (50kW) and semi-fast (22kW) charge points. This will involve First Stop providing the sites where the chargers are to be located, with Iberdrola supplying the equipment and installing and managing it.

Users will be able to locate all of these charge points on the Iberdrola Public Charging App, which is the only one that certifies the operability of electrical chargers in Spain. Users can use the App to geolocate the charger, book the charge point and pay via their mobile phone.

Users will be able to access this infrastructure to charge their electric car batteries in approximately 30 minutes using 100% green energy from clean, certified renewable sources (Guarantee of Origin, GoOs).

The initiative forms part of First Stop and the Bridgestone Group's firm commitment to offering better mobility solutions, when and wherever users need them, reflecting these companies' firm environmental commitment, which has also made them leaders within the mobility solutions sector. With this agreement, First Stop is continuing as a driving force behind electric mobility and a promoter of the use of renewable energies and the marketing of electric charging solutions.

Electric mobility and green recovery

Iberdrola continues its commitment to transport electrification in its transition strategy towards a decarbonised economy, as a key way of reducing emissions and pollution and ensuring the green recovery.

The company is deploying a sustainable mobility plan, with an investment of 150 million euros, with which it will intensify the deployment of charge points for electric vehicles in the coming years.

The initiative entails installing around 150,000 charging points in homes, companies and on the public road network in cities, as well as on the main motorways and roads. The commitment to deploying high-efficiency charging points will include the company installing ultra-fast (350 kW) charging points every 200 kilometres, super-fast points (150 kW) every 100 kilometres, and fast (50 kW) points every 50 kilometres.

Iberdrola is aware of the need to boost electric mobility in Spain through coordinated, effective action involving the major players. The company continues to identify opportunities to generate an industrial, commercial and innovation ecosystem to consolidate the development of sustainable mobility. As a result, it has now completed more than 50 infrastructure roll-out agreements with government departments, institutions, companies, service stations and vehicle dealers and manufacturers.

Iberdrola is the first Spanish company to sign up to The Climate Group's EV100 initiative, which has the objective of speeding up the transition to electric vehicles, by committing to electrifying its entire vehicle fleet and streamlining the charging process for staff at its businesses in Spain and the United Kingdom by 2030.

Investing to support the implementation of electrical mobility in Europe

For its part, the Bridgestone Group, to which First Stop belongs, is planning to install up to 3,500 new charging points across its European retail and service network over the next five years, working alongside several electric vehicle charging point suppliers such as the EVBox Group and TSG.

Bridgestone sees electric vehicles as a great opportunity for reducing CO2 emissions and making mobility more sustainable and, therefore, more environmentally friendly, bearing in mind that by 2025, 20% of all new vehicles sold in Europe are expected to be electric.

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