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This one-year-old project is unprecedented in Spain

Iberdrola has gotten more than 45,000 customers to contribute to cancer research through their bills

  • The charity initiative ‘Together against Cancer’ which gives Iberdrola customers the chance to collaborate with the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) through their electricity and gas bills with the promise that Iberdrola will match each customer's donation. Altogether nearly €200,000 have been raised so far!
  • Ignacio Galán and the Chairman of the AECC, Ignacio Muñoz Pidal, have renewed the collaboration agreement between their two institutions until 2020 in an effort to draw in more support for research into this disease.

In a ceremony held at the AECC offices in Madrid, Ignacio Galán and the Chairman of the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC), Ignacio Muñoz Pidal, renewed the collaboration agreement signed in 2015 for their two institutions to work together on disseminating information and organising awareness campaigns. The key goal is to increase the amount of needed money and work that goes towards cancer research.

As part of the agreement, Iberdrola has launchedTogether against Cancera pioneering charity initiative in Spain in which the electricity company invites customers to make a monthly contribution to the AECC through their electricity or gas bills. Iberdrola promises to match its customers’ chosen contribution, which may be 25 cents, 50 cents or €1 a month. This campaign targets Iberdrola customers in Spain on the free market: roughly 7.3 million people.

After the first year, the company has gotten roughly 45,000 customers to join the initiative. Bearing in mind that the company matches each customer's donation, this means nearly €200,000 will go entirely to cancer research.

By renewing their agreement, the two institutions will continue to work together until late 2020 with that very same goal: to carry on raising needed resources for cancer research.

Over the last two years collaborating with the AECC, Iberdrola has carried out a number of activities to get thousands of people involved in its social commitment, as well as raising awareness among the population at large of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and investing in research.

In 2017, Iberdrola took part in the AECC On the Go races, organised by the association in Valladolid, with over 45,000 racers; in Madrid,– –with 15,000 racers; and in Murcia, –with roughly 5,000 participants. The company has also been involved in activities to celebrate World Cancer Day on 4 February and World Cancer Research Day on 24 September.


AECC, 64 years’ experience in combating cancer

The AECC is a private not-for-profit organisation with public utility status that has been working to combat cancer for 63 years. The AECC is made up of patients, their relatives, volunteers and professionals that work together in order to prevent cancer, raise awareness, provide support to patients and raise funds for oncology research projects that will enable better cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Quality oncology research is one of the priority goals of the AECC. It is currently the private social body that allocates the most funds towards cancer research, with a total of €40 million earmarked for 250 ongoing projects since 2011. The AECC provided support to over 465,686 people affected by the disease in the year 2016.


IBERDROLA, committed to society

With this pioneering project, Iberdrola reaffirms its commitment to society in initiatives that enhance quality of life: not just for those within its own organisation, but for the general public, as proof of its contribution to sustainable development.

Iberdrola has incorporated the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into its corporate strategy. The Group is focusing its efforts on goals 7 and 13 –(Affordable and Clean Energy, and Climate Action), but also strives to support compliance with all other goals.

In this regard, its collaboration with the AECC is a step towards achieving SDG 3, which focuses on good health and wellness, and SDG 17 for the creation of partnerships to help achieve the goals.