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Iberdrola installs Spain's largest solar community that will enable 1,100 families to reduce their bills

  • The facility, located in the upcoming Nexum Retail Park in Fuenlabrada, will also have 13 dual ultra-fast and semi-fast chargers that allow up to 26 electric vehicles to be charged at the same time.
  • The project addresses three areas of action: the generation of local renewable energy, the installation of charging points and a state-of-the-art electrical installation.

Iberdrola has installed the largest solar community in Spain at the Nexum Retail Park, located in Fuenlabrada (Madrid). This form of self-consumption will allow 1,100 families living within a maximum of two kilometres of the centre to access 100% renewable energy and save up to 40% of their consumption without the need for their own installation or investment. 

Iberdrola has developed the Nexum Retail Park project as a cross-cutting initiative that contributes to decarbonisation in three areas of action: The generation of local renewable energy through self-consumption, the contribution to electric mobility with the installation of charging points, and the design of an innovative electrical installation designed to achieve maximum efficiency. 

The solar community is made up of 1,350 panels located on three of the roofs of the business park, which have a combined power of 735 kilowatts, enough to produce more than one million kWh per year. The photovoltaic installation will prevent the emission of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere over the next 30 years. 

In this form of self-consumption, Iberdrola is the one making the investment in order to enable local renewable consumption as a means to achieve the energy transition and decarbonisation of the economy. Any resident of Fuenlabrada, located less than 2 km from the installation, can benefit from the initiative through the company's website. 

With the aim of decarbonising mobility and accelerating the development of electric mobility in Spain, the project also integrates an electric station that includes 8 semi-fast recharging stations and 5 ultra-fast chargers, which will enable the simultaneous charging of up to 26 vehicles. The users of the 13 double charging points will recharge their car batteries with 100% green energy from renewable generation. 

In addition, the electrical installation, also designed by Iberdrola, will allow real-time monitoring of the shopping centre's electricity supply. In this way, and thanks to advanced data analytics, it will be possible to anticipate anomalies, detect opportunities for savings, monitor the decarbonisation plan and always maintain the maximum level of efficiency in the supply, which in turn will reduce the bill.

"The Nexum Retail Park shopping centre has allowed us to create a pioneering project based on electrification as the best tool for decarbonisation. At Iberdrola, we promote and facilitate the development of these projects in collaboration with our customers and for the benefit of society, fostering the energy transition and the fight against climate change", says Luis Buil, Director of Smart Solutions at Iberdrola.

"We are very pleased to inaugurate this new retail park in Fuenlabrada on 8 November. A convenience retail park, a good neighbour that will make life easier for the people of Fuenlabrada in many ways, with its leading brands, its 700 free parking spaces and, of course, thanks to the collaboration with Iberdrola, providing the resident community with a state-of-the-art sustainable infrastructure", says Joel Franco, head of the Retail Park project.