The total provision for this programme exceeds 1 million euros


Iberdrola is launching the call for funding applications to its 2020 Social Program to support vulnerable groups

  • The objective is to promote comprehensive development in groups at risk of exclusion, focusing especially on children, adolescents and women
  • The selected projects, led by non-profit social organisations, will help people overcome situations of poverty, promote social insertion and help improve quality of life

Iberdrola, through its Foundation in Spain has launched the call for applications to its 2020 Social Program, which aims to promote the comprehensive development of the most vulnerable groups in the territories in which the company operates, with special attention on children, adolescents and women.

A committee of experts from the Iberdrola Spain Foundation selects around 30 social projects that have to be aligned with specific objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations agenda 2030, as part of its business strategy. Specifically, these goals are:

  • Goal no. 1 (no poverty). In this area, support will be given to projects aimed at overcoming situations of poverty and social exclusion, providing access to basic needs, promoting educational support and the enjoyment of leisure and free time, as well as backing training for access to employment.
  • Goal number 10 (reduced inequalities), goal number 4 (quality education) and goal number 5 (gender equality). With these goals, initiatives are put in place to help disabled people live independently. Mainly by supporting occupational centres to encourage comprehensive training processes. This enables specialised training in social skills and learning required for inclusion in the regular employment market.
  • Goal no. 3 (good health and well-being) This will involve working on improving the quality of life of people suffering from serious diseases by meeting their daily needs and providing family support. Special attention is paid to people suffering from addiction and to providing children with leisure opportunities.

This call, with a budget of more than one million euros and to be decided in October, is open to private non-profit institutions based in Spain, declared to be for the public benefit, pursuing aims that are of social interest and carrying out their activities in Spain. Special consideration will be given to organisations that publish relevant information consistent with the principles of transparency, good governance and Iberdrola’s code of ethics.

Applicants must submit their proposals by 17 June using the form available from the foundation website (, where they can also consult the terms and conditions of the call for applications.

Iberdrola, committed to society

Iberdrola, through its Social Program, has already allocated over 9 million euros to social initiatives in Spain, benefiting a total of 335,000 people. Since this plan was launched in 2010, the company has been behind over 350 projects that have contributed to social inclusion, especially that of children, young people and women in vulnerable situations. These actions have also led to the creation of 1,000 jobs and involved 2,250 volunteers.

The Iberdrola Foundation also focuses its activities on training and research in the field of energy, through scholarship programmes; in biodiversity, with projects protecting the environment; and in cultural development, by caring for and maintaining cultural and artistic treasures.