Six women sports projects to become a reality thanks to the Iberdrola SuperA awards

  • A total sum of €300,000 will deliver the projects in the six categories that make up the Iberdrola SuperA Awards.
  • The gala awards ceremony was attended by leading women from the world of sports and journalism.

The chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, this afternoon presented the six awards that will be used to finance the winning projects in each of the categories into which the Iberdrola SuperA Awards are divided, an initiative in its second edition and which is part of the company's commitment to promote gender equality and, specifically, to encourage excellence among women through sport.

With these awards, Iberdrola will support projects, programmes and initiatives related to women and girls in six categories: Grassroots Sport, Competition, Inclusion, Social Integration, Dissemination and Sustainability, which will each receive a prize of 50,000 euros.

The prize in the Iberdrola SuperA Social category went to the Donosti CUP in the World Foundation, from the Basque Country, which aims to organise the Donosti Cup Football Tournament, in which an international team and another Spanish team will participate.

For their part, the girls from the Baruca Acrobatic Gymnastics Club of Jaén will be able to compete at a national and international level with the improvements that will be made to their facilities, having won the prize in the Youth Category.

In addition, thanks to the Iberdrola SuperA Competition award, the women of the Bolaños sports club in Ciudad Real will have the sports equipment and training necessary to make the leap to professional handball.

On the other hand, the SuperA Diffusion award will be used to disseminate the documentary that tells the story of 10 women, Mariburruntzi Sinkro Taldea, who began to practice artistic swimming at the age of 50, reconciling their family, work and sporting life.

Valencia will have the first adapted cycling school for women and girls, promoted by Paralympic athlete Ruth Aguilar. The project won the Iberdrola SuperA Inclusion award, while the Royal Spanish Canoeing Federation will be able to establish a national Clean Water Day with the aim of improving the environment where this sport is practised, thanks to the SuperA Sustainability award.

All these awards were announced during a gala presented by Sara Escudero, attended by the members of the Jury, Vicente del Bosque, Jesús Carballo, Marta Arce and Teresa Perales; together with the athletes Carolina Marín (badminton), Ona Carbonell (swimming), Sandra Sánchez (karate), Amanda Sampedro (football), Liliana Fernández (volleyball), Teresa Díaz (fencing), Alejandra Querada (gymnastics), Elsa Baquerizo (volleyball), Steffy Navarro (gymnastics), Desirée Vila (adapted athletics), Clara Azurmendi (badminton), María Delgado (for swimming) and Adiaratou Iglesias (for athletics), among others.

Iberdrola currently supports 16 federations to which more than 300.000 athletes belong, a commitment that the company intends to expand in the future out of social responsibility and to serve as an incentive for other agents to help raise awareness by also getting involved in promoting women's sport.

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