Iberdrola to supply power to global braking giant TMD through its Windanker offshore wind farm

  • The two companies have signed a 15-year long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for 50 GWh per year.
  • The utility's third offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea will supply TMD with energy from 2027 onwards, covering more than half of its demand in Germany. 

Iberdrola and the world's largest manufacturer of brake materials, TMD Friction Services, have signed a contract for the long-term supply of clean electricity (PPA) for 15 years. With this agreement, the utility will supply around 50 GWh per year of green electricity, which will cover more than 50% of TMD's total demand in Germany from 2027. The electricity will come from the Windanker offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea, which is currently in the planning stage.

Windanker will consist of 21 offshore wind turbines of 15 MW each and is scheduled to be connected to the grid in 2026 with a total capacity of 300 MWIt is the third offshore wind farm of the company chaired by Ignacio Galán in the German Baltic Sea, followed by Wikinger and Baltic Eagle. Wikinger was connected to the grid in 2017, and Baltic Eagle is the second offshore wind project currently under construction off the island of Rügen.

Together, these three offshore wind farms form Iberdrola's so-called Baltic Hub, which will have a total capacity of more than 1.1 GW by 2026. Investments totalling around €3.7 billion are planned for the Baltic Hub.

Iberdrola is the largest operator of offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea. With its offshore and onshore business divisions, it is actively involved in the planning, construction and operation of offshore and onshore wind farms as well as photovoltaic projects.

The company offers its industrial and commercial customers tailor-made solutions for the supply of green energy, from classic electricity supply including portfolio management services, to long-term PPA contracts linked to Iberdrola's own renewable energy facilities, to photovoltaic solutions for self-consumption. Iberdrola also offers integrated cross-cutting solutions, such as battery storage or the production of green hydrogen for industrial use.