This is the first time a private energy firm has won this prestigious award


Iberdrola wins Mexico's ‘National Quality Award’ in Energy

  •         The Chairman of the company, Ignacio Galán, collected the award personally from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto during a ceremony held at the President's official residence in Los Pinos
  •         Iberdrola, present in Mexico for just under 20 years, is now the country's biggest power producer, with an operating capacity of 6000 MW enabling it to supply energy to over 20 million Mexicans

Iberdrola has received the 2017 National Quality Award in Mexico in the Energy category, a prize that acknowledges excellent quality and business competitiveness. This comes as a reward for the company's praiseworthy work in Mexico over the years, where it has risen to become the leading private electricity company.

The award was collected by Iberdrola's Chairman, Ignacio Galán, from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, in a ceremony that took place in the Adolfo López Mateos hall inside the President's official residence, Los Pinos.

Ignacio Galán expressed his most sincere satisfaction upon receiving such a prestigious award: “It is an honour to be given this recognition, making Iberdrola the very first private energy company to receive it. This is undoubtedly a motivation for us to keep on believing in this country after two decades of work here, and we will continue to be very confident in our business in Mexico.”

For Mr Galán, this reward is “yet another sign of our firm commitment to efficiency and sustainability in Mexico, which are two of the core values of our business. Awards like this encourage us to work even harder towards Mexico's energy development and the well‑being of its people.”

Awards like this encourage us to work even harder towards Mexico's energy development and the well‑being of its people

The National Quality Awards began in 1989 and represent the highest possible distinction granted by the Mexican Government to organisations that set an example of quality and competitiveness for the country. The awards cover various categories, with approximately 100 companies contending every year.

Iberdrola's quality lies in the excellent management of all of its processes and resources, which enables it to create added value for shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders. Furthermore, quality is one of the core values defined in its strategic plan and is a source of inspiration for all of the work the company does.


Iberdrola Mexico

Iberdrola has been working in Mexico for almost 20 years, making it one of the company's most strategic and fastest‑growing markets, along with Spain, the UK, the USA and Brazil.

The company has managed to become the biggest private electricity producer in the country, with an operating power of over 6000 MW – or the equivalent of supplying power for more than 20 million Mexican people.

With a workforce of almost 1000 employees, Iberdrola currently operates 17 power stations in Mexico and is in the process of building eight more, using both gas and renewables, ever striving to use cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

Between the power stations that are already online and those currently under construction, Mexico will become Iberdrola's biggest producer by 2020, with an installed power of over 10,000 MW and production nearing 75 TWh.