Ignacio Galán: “Talent will be the differential factor for success in the 21st century”

Iberdrola group chairman Ignacio Galán took part in the 3rd Women and Leadership Conference, a business summit organised by 50&50 Gender Leadership Advisory to encourage equality, diversity and inclusiveness and inspire humanistic, innovative leadership.

During his speech, which he delivered remotely, Galán drew attention to the role of enterprise in social progress, saying that “the differential factor for success in the 21st century will be talent, in the same way as capital and technology were in centuries gone by.”

The chairman of Iberdrola underlined that talent “is fostered by diversity and contributions from all, regardless of factors like gender and origin.” Hence his assertion that it is not merely a “pressing matter of equity and justice,” but also a “social need,” because we need to have all the skills we have within reach.”

Female leadership is key to the future

Ignacio Galán said that female leadership as “key to the company's future and development.” As well as their knowledge, women bring “a pragmatic approach, determination, solidarity, capacity to anticipate and courage. And also new ways of working and leading,” he explained.

The CEO of Iberdrola pointed out that the group's commitment to diversity and equality has created an “equal, diverse and inclusive workplace” and has led to specific actions both within the company and in the rest of society. He mentioned the drive for the work-life balance, salary equality, steps to encourage women to take up senior positions, support for women in STEM careers and the company's support for women's sport among Iberdrola's portfolio of initiatives in this area.

Lastly, Galán said that diverse, inclusive companies are also more innovative and have more capacity to adapt to change and attract more talent. “In short, they are more competitive, efficient, and sustainable,” he concluded.

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