The Sustainable Team receives support from elite athletes in France

  • The Iberdrola women’s sport ambassadors encouraged the Spanish Team during a training visit prior to tomorrow’s match

Sponsored by Iberdrola, a group of six representatives from Spanish women’s sports federations visited the players of the Spanish Women's Football Team in France during a training session before their match tomorrow, 12 June, against the German side at the Hainaut stadium in the city of Les Valenciennes.

The visitors, who travelled to spur on the national team in person, were:

  • Anabel Medina, who was ranked 16th in world tennis (May 2009), no. 3 in doubles (2008), Spanish captain for the Federation Tennis Cup and a silver medallist in the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • Silvia Araco, an international player on the Spanish Volleyball team since the 2012 season.
  • María López, bronze medallist with the Field Hockey Team at the 2018 World Championships in London.
  • Sara Hurtado, winner of seven gold medals in ice dance, the most recent at the last Spanish championship.
  • Nerea Pena, bronze medallist with the Handball Team at the World Women's Handball Championship in Brazil and silver medallist in the Hungary vs Croatia EHF EURO.
  • Bimba Delgado, second captain of the Rugby XV team. 

The Sustainable Team

With the support of Iberdrola, the Spanish Women's Football Team has become the first Sustainable Team. This initiative was recently unveiled at the Maranchón wind farm, one of the largest in Europe, which is operated by the company in the province of Guadalajara. The idea is to raise awareness of sustainability and to promote renewable energy through sport.

That is why Iberdrola is committed to offsetting the Spanish Women's Football Team’s carbon footprint with green energy, fostering sustainable mobility in sport and implementing renewable energy solutions for sports facilities, to promote more energy efficient venues. 

The company is to develop a sustainability awareness programme among the players of the Spanish Women's Football Team, in which it will share information, values and principles on this subject in order to turn the players into the leading ambassadors of sustainability in sport.

Iberdrola, promoting Women's Sport

Iberdrola's investment in women's sport is part of its commitment to equal opportunities and to the promotion and empowerment of women, principles included in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that the company has incorporated into its business strategy.

Iberdrola is the main driving force behind women's sport in Spain and was the first to get involved on a global basis. The company supports 16 federations (gymnastics, triathlon, rugby, canoeing, badminton, football, handball, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing, ice sports and fencing) and lends it name to 23 national leagues of different sports, backing over 22,000 sportswomen.