We present Aitana Bonmatí with the MVP award of the Iberdrola Spanish Super Cup final

  • David Martín Arevalillo, Iberdrola's delegate in Extremadura, presented Aitana Bonmatí, FC Barcelona player, with the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award at the Iberdrola Spanish Super Cup organised by the RFEF (Spanish Football Federation). 

David Martín Arevalillo, Iberdrola's delegate in Extremadura, this morning presented Aitana Bonmatí, FC Barcelona player, with the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award for her outstanding participation during the match between Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona, in which the latter won by 3 goals to 0.     

After the match, played at the Romano José Fouto stadium in Mérida, Martín Arevalillo congratulated the player and expressed Iberdrola's absolute commitment "to promote the role of women in sport, as a vindication of equality, but also of excellence, and thus contribute to creating references so that girls and young women know that they can be whatever they set their minds to". 

For her part, Aitana said on the pitch that she was "very happy, first title of the season, we are Barça and we fight to win all the titles. Good work by the team and a well-deserved Super Cup". On her individual award she explained that "We always like individual awards, but I always think of the team, it is a collective sport and the work is done by everyone".

In 2016, Iberdrola became the first company to make a firm and global commitment to equality and the empowerment of women through sport, with the conviction that through sport it is possible to raise awareness and work on the need to promote a society with equal opportunities.

The company continues its commitment to women's football through the promotion of women's football competitions, such as the Queen’s Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, as well as the Primera Federación FUTFEM. 

In addition, it currently supports 32 national sports federations, a support that benefits 600,000 women athletes or, in other words, two out of every three federated women in Spain. It also gives its name to 32 leagues, all of them of the highest category, and to another 100 competitions with naming right.

With this commitment, Iberdrola contributes to boosting the success of women's sport, promotes equal opportunities and encourages healthy habits in society from an early age. 

Their actions are contributing to an increase in the level of competition and are allowing many Spanish elite sportswomen, who have developed their sporting careers in other countries, to return to competitions in Spain, or Spanish sportswomen to compete in prestigious international leagues.