environmental sustainability

The international leadership of Iberdrola in terms of environmental sustainability is on the table. Our main target is balancing today's needs with tomorrow's limitations, thought the promotion and support of a sustainable business model.

  • What are the consequences of the overexploitation of natural resources?

    Natural resources are those that our planet offers us without the need for human intervention. They are essential for survival, but if they are consumed at a faster rate than their natural regeneration, as is currently the case, they can be exhausted. DISCOVER HOW TO AVOID IT

  • Discover some of the main consequences of doing exercise in the great outdoors

    Hiking and other adventure sports like rafting and climbing in natural ecosystems are becoming more and more popular. Whether we are heading out to the mountains, a natural park or an untouched beach, we should bear in mind the environmental impact we have when we do exercise outdoors. READ MORE

    Bike lanes for the cyclists of the future: high-tech and sustainable

    On land, sea or air, the cycle lanes of the future will be safer for users, reducing pollution and preventing many of the accidents that happen every day. With a goal like this, originality abounds. DISCOVER IT

  • Iberdrola helps to protect the environment through efficient CO2 use

    This project, led by Iberdrola and approved by the European Commission, seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of capturing CO2 from natural gas combustion to reduce macrofouling, the fouling process that occurs in combined cycle power plant cooling circuits. PROJECT DETAILS

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    "Some Persistent Organic Pollutants could last around 30 years"

    Science and adventure often travel hand in hand. Begoña Jiménez has been on the trail of Persistent Contaminating Pollutants (POP) as far as the Antarctic. She is one of the "Sentinel" scientists, a project set up to measure the accumulation and persistence in the environment of these substances that can affect human health. READ MORE