Proposes Attendance bonus of €0.005 gross per share proposed

Board of Directors of IBERDROLA convenes General Shareholders´ Meeting for 31 March

The Board of Directors of IBERDROLA has agreed to convene the company’s General Shareholders’ Meeting for Friday 31 March, on first call.

The company’s highest governing body has drawn up the annual accounts and the management reports (individual and consolidated, where the latter includes the group’s subsidiary firms) for 2016.

There are 18 items on the agenda for the upcoming General Shareholders’ Meeting including the payment of a bonus of €0.005 gross per share for attending the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The General Shareholders’ Meeting should also approve the proposal for distributing the profits and dividends for FY2016.

In order to avoid the dilution effect of implementing the Iberdrola Flexible Dividend scheme and maintain the profit per share, another of the items on the agenda concerns the approval of a reduction in the company’s share capital by a maximum of 3.41%. In this regard, the Board of Directors of IBERDROLA has agreed to carry out a share buyback scheme that will run until 31 May.

Another of the proposals included on this agenda is the appointment of two new members to the Board of Directors: Francisco Martínez  Córcoles, Business CEO of the IBERDROLA Group and Juan Manuel González Serna, Chairman of the Siro Group.

This follows the notifications received from board members José Luis San Pedro Guerenabarrena and Santiago Martínez Lage, who have decided to resign from their posts for personal reasons.