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Part of Women’s Universe, an initiative of which the company is the main driving force

Valladolid successfully hosts the sixth edition of Iberdrola’s ‘Women, Health and Sport’ Tour, organised by Iberdrola

  • This is the first company to make a global commitment to promoting women’s participation in every area of sport

This weekend Valladolid became the host of the sixth edition of Iberdrola’s ‘Women, Health and Sport’ Tour, in what was the last gathering before the summer. The Tour is sponsored by Iberdrola encompassing a number of Spanish provincial capitals to promote the role and presence of women in the sporting world. The scheme is intended to raise public awareness of women as an active and fundamental part of sport in Spain.

Iberdrola's collaborator in the Women's Universe initiative, Jennifer Pareja, the Business Director of Iberdrola Networks for the region, Eva Mancera, the Councillor for Sport, Alberto Bustos, along with numerous athletes and delegates from regional federations, opened this event for women's sport.

Thousands of people of all ages were able to enjoy this celebration of sport which, for this edition, featured the participation of Carolina Marín, world champion and Olympic gold medallist in Badminton at Rio 2016, Carmen Pérez, a XV rugby team player who has qualified for the Irish world cup, Marina Damlaimcourt, triathlete in London 2012, Mercedes Coghen and Mariví González, Olympic gold medallists in field hockey in Barcelona 92, Laura López, silver medallist in synchronised swimming in Beijing 2008, as well as many other Olympic medallists and top women athletes who have taken part in this round of the Tour.

An open-air space of over 3,000 m2 was specially set up in Vallodolid's Plaza Mayor, in the city's old town, for sporting and games activities related to the ten federations backed by Iberdrola: football, badminton, handball, volleyball, rugby, triathlon, canoeing, gymnastics, swimming, and hockey.

The area was designed for all comers, with numerous group classes, talks on sport and healthy lifestyles and games for the kids.


Iberdrola, the main driving force behind the Women's Universe programme

The ‘Women, Health, and Sport’ Tour is part of the National Sports Council's (Consejo Superior de Deportes, CSD) ‘Women's Universe’ programme, of which Iberdrola has been the main backer since last July. It is the first company in Spain to make a global commitment to promoting the participation of women in every area of sport.

Under the agreement with Spain’s National Sports Council (CSD), the company supports various sports federations, including gymnastics, swimming, football, triathlon, badminton, canoeing, and hockey, and more may be added in the future. These sports have been chosen on account of the extraordinary level of success achieved in them, the high rate of participation, the existence of schemes to promote the sport at the grass-roots level, and other social projects.

Iberdrola is also one of the leading sponsors of the Spanish Paralympic Team and the Paralympic Sailing Team. It has been involved in the Paralympic Sport Support Plan (ADOP) since it was launched in 2005, and backed the Spanish Paralympic Team at the Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games. The group’s contribution to Paralympic sport was acknowledged in 2013 with the Olimpia Award from the National Sports Council (CSD).