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To prove the absolute falsity of an alleged internal report of the company's former employee

Iberdrola brings criminal proceedings against José Antonio Del Olmo before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office

Iberdrola has initiated criminal proceedings against its former employee José Antonio del Olmo, author of an alleged internal report accusing the company's management of ordering espionage and using false invoices, of which report the company has no record in its files. For this reason, Iberdrola's lawyers have sent a letter to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in Madrid requesting the opening of proceedings against Del Olmo for such crimes as mar arise from the prosecutor's investigation, but which the company considers susceptible of being classified as documentary falsehood, defamation and libel.

Although the Bilbao Public Prosecutor's Office has already admitted a previous complaint filed by Iberdrola on 5 December to investigate the origin of the alleged internal report, the letter is now aimed directly against José Antonio del Olmo, who is accused of having an "obstructive attitude" to the investigation opened by the company itself. The company emphasises in its letter that the author of the alleged document appears to be the only one aware of it and that neither at the time of the alleged drafting - December 2004 - nor after the fact, has he filed a corresponding complaint with the competent authorities for the alleged irregularities of which he was supposedly aware.

In fact, the alleged report is known about only because it was published by a digital newspaper, El Confidencial, in its editions of 2 and 3 December. Since that date, senior Iberdrola managers José Luis San Pedro, manager of Administration, Control and Regulation in 2004; Juan Carlos Rebollo, current manager of Administration and Control of Iberdrola, and Pablo Insunza, manager at the time of the events of the Department of General Administration and Corporation, have signed a declaration in which they state "the non-existence of the report and their total unawareness of it, since they do not remember having received it or having had knowledge of it either in 2004 or subsequently".

The only person who has not wanted to collaborate with the internal investigation carried out by Iberdrola has been, precisely, its alleged author. Del Olmo has not only shown an absolute lack of willingness to cooperate in the clarification of the facts, but has also dedicated himself, for reasons that only he knows, to supposedly filtering information that either does not correspond to reality - the alleged Report - or is distorted, as reflected in the news article published in El Confidencial on 18 December last entitled "The manager who said that Galán had hired Villarejo reaffirms his version following Iberdola's offensive”.