Iberdrola and the Spanish Association Against Cancer, together against cancer

•    The electricity company has raised close to four million euros in joint actions and contributions with customers.
•    The funds raised by the Association will be used for research in the Signalling and Cell Cycle laboratory at IRB Barcelona.  

Iberdrola and the Spanish Association Against Cancer signed a collaboration agreement in 2015. Since then, the company has been the main private funder of the organisation. This year, a renewal has been signed for the next two years, until the end of 2023, to continue collaborating in the fight against cancer. 

As a main partner of the Association, and therefore one of the companies that contributes most to the fight against cancer in Spain, Iberdrola has been able to develop different actions and campaigns. 

The #JuntosContraElCáncer programme is a major financial contribution: nearly four million euros have been raised in joint actions and contributions with customers. Users can choose to donate 25 cents, 50 cents or 1 euro to the association. Iberdrola, for its part, contributes the same amount and thus the help is worth twice as much. There are nearly 70,000 participants registered in Juntos Contra el Cáncer (Together Against Cancer). 

The funds obtained by the Association over the next two years will go to the research project "Multidisciplinary dissection of the mechanisms of resistance to chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer: a step towards better clinical care", led by Dr. Ángel R. Nebreda, head of the Signalling and Cell Cycle laboratory at IRB Barcelona. 

This group will study the molecular mechanisms by which triple-negative breast cancer, the most aggressive breast cancer with the lowest survival rate, develops resistance to chemotherapy, with the aim of improving current treatments.

Another of Iberdrola's initiatives is to be the main sponsor of three annual races - the most numerous in Spain - held in three Spanish cities each year: in Madrid on 27 March and in Valladolid and Murcia in the last quarter of the year. 

The electricity company reaffirms its social commitment through initiatives that improve the quality of life of the people who form part, not only of its organisation, but of society in general, as a sign of its contribution to sustainable development.