To date, the company has invested 780 million dollars in the renewable projects

Iberdrola will reach 1,000 renewable megawatts in Mexico in 2019

  • It is currently developing 600 megawatts (MW) in renewable facilities in this country, where it is already the top generator of private energy and where it is putting a major focus on investment in the coming years 
  • Iberdrola chose Mexico due to its excellent regulatory conditions and solar resources to develop its first ever large scale photovoltaic projects, building two farms of 170 MW and 100 MW


Iberdrola is currently building renewable facilities in Mexico which will enable it to reach 1,000 megawatts (MW) of installed power in 2019. 

To do so, the company is building 600 MW in new wind and photovoltaic farms in different Mexican states, with an investment of 780 million dollars, which is the highest amount destined so far by Iberdrola to the renewable energy sector in Latin America. 

Specifically, it is building 325 wind MW in the states of Puebla and Guanajuanto and 275 photovoltaic MW in San Luis de Potosí and Sonora. 

The wind farms currently under construction are PIER, with 220 MW of capacity and located in the state of Puebla, which will be the next phase of the PIER II project currently operating, and Santiago Eólico, with 105 MW, located in Guanajuanto. Both projects are expected to be commissioned in 2019. 

Iberdrola will build the 105 MW Hermosillo photovoltaic farm in Sonora, and the 170 MW Santaigo photovoltaic farm in San Luís de Potosí. Both are expected to be operational at the end of 2018. 

These facilities will be Iberdrola's first venture into the area of large scale photovoltaic energy, given the installed capacity they will have. Iberdrola chose Mexico for this new renewable energy commitment due to its excellent regulatory conditions and its solar resource. 

Iberdrola is developing these four wind and solar energy projects under the framework of long-term contracts (PPAs) with private industrial customers, which the company will provide the generated power to and the Clean Energy Certificates associated with these renewable energy facilities. 

In addition to these renewable energy farms under construction, Iberdrola already has 366 wind MW distributed between the La Ventosa farm (201 MW), La Venta III farm (102 MW), Bii Nee Stipa farm (26 MW), Pier II farm (66 MW) and Dos Arbolitos farm (70 MW).


Iberdrola, firmly committed to Mexico 

Since the end of the nineties until now, Iberdrola Mexico has constantly increased its investments and activities on a continuous basis in Mexico, which is considered one of the strategic countries for its internationalisation process. 

Today in Mexico, Iberdrola has an installed capacity of 6,000 (MW) from seven combined cycle power plants and five wind farms, and its production is capable of providing service to a population of twenty million Mexicans. 

Iberdrola currently has conventional energy generation projects underway in Mexico with a combined investment of over US$ 3 billion, which means that the company’s commitment to this country is one of the most important international commitments it has ever undertaken. 

To be more specific, it is building four new combined cycle farms (Baja California III, Noreste and Escobedo II in Monterrey, and Noroeste in Sinaloa), and two cogeneration plants (Bajío in Querétaro and Altamira in Tamaulipas). 

Mexico is one of the strategic countries in Iberdrola’s internationalisation process. The company expects to have a total capacity of almost 10,000 MW in 2020. 

The company employs more than 700 people in Mexico with whom it carries out a broad training programme to which it dedicates between 3 and 4 percent of the working hours. Iberdrola Mexico's fast growth is the result of a human and technical effort that has required a great leadership and teamwork ability.